Welsh speakers who live in Portugal


My name is Betsan, I work for BBC Radio Cymru - the BBC's Welsh language radio station in Wales - and I'm on the look-out for any Welsh speakers who live in Portugal.

You may have heard there's a big game on Wednesday evening .. ! Our radio station would love to record a short chat with any Welsh speakers who have a Portuguese connection. We'd happily send you a big Welsh flag as a way of saying thank you/

Is Sylvia Mai still in touch with this website?

My Email address is betsan.powys[at] - or you could contact me via of course.   

Diolch o galon,


Hello Betsan,

Welcome on board  :)

Since you are looking for Welsh speakers living in Portugal, your post has been moved to the Portugal forum.

I suggest you drop an advert in the dedicated section of the website Portugal classifieds > Testimonies so that your ad benefits from more exposure and gets you some responses.

Here is the direct link just in case : … /portugal/

As far as Sylvia Mai is concerned, was or is she a member of the website ?
We can search the website but we would need some information.

Thanks in advance,

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