Stockbroking - recommend me brokers in Indonesia?

Hi there,
I am a day trader for a living and trade stocks and currencies.
As I will move to Indonesia in a few months I wondered if there were any brokers based in Indonesia that can be recommended?
Or are these services sourced from outside Indonesia?
Thanks for feedback.

I guess you could try ING or HSBC here in Indonesia. I think Barclay's have gone now. The stock exchange in Jakarta could help. I know many people trade online from home so I would imagine it can be done.

Most of the major financial houses are here so maybe that would be a starting point for you?

A note.
Working in Indonesia without a work permit is a serious offence, but working from home via the internet is:
Most likely impossible to detect
not going to worry anyone as you aren't taking a job from an Indonesian

If you do any work that requires your physical presence, that changes.

Unless immigration have other issues with you, they will simply ignore home working using the internet as they're aware you're assisting the local economy but not hurting anyone whilst doing so, but you should be aware it's illegal.

I day trade at least five days a week here in Indonesia (on line) and given the proprietary level surrounding those details…something I wouldn’t expect to be shared by other day traders here,  I too remain reluctant respond to the original post in any detail.

Ron, while it is a pleasure to welcome you to the expat community of Indonesia, it should be understood that the kind of details you ask about are normally held “close to the chest.”  After all, for some of us...this is our living. 

That said, and as your friendships and alliances develop here over time, you will find that access to vital information increases.

Hi Ron,

U can check Daewoo securities or Ipot (sorry i forget the real name). U should check how to open bank account and transfer ur money to the account.


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