Hi...I cannot find a george foreman grilling machine anywhere in Hanoi! If you you know for sure where to buy one please let me know..(not where you think or I should try!) haha...there must be somewhere!! Haha

Any luck on that grill? am looking for one too!

No! Forget it haha...I looked in all the big places in China too...forget it! Everything at home is i went back to England and brought one back! 😜

LOL that doesnt sound too good for me :( But there are people with some sort of grill here?!

Yeah...but not as good...the George foreman is simple and easy to clean and great design! 😜😜

Have a look at these:
Hope you can find a similar one ;)

There is nothing "special" about a George Foreman grill. Buy a regular griddle and put two small blocks on the back feet and buy something to catch the grease.


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