Malaysia is not easy place to find a job....

I have been trying to get a suitable job or any business.....sincerely me and my partner tried to establish a showroom and warehouse for selling out garments partner left his wonderful job with high salary back here.....stayed in Malaysia, opened office, warehouse.....but for 3 months only. He came back full money alao went in vain. I am an ex army officer, higly experts in professional jobs of all kinds. Around 3 million Bangladeshi natives are working in Malaysia, but not with any high ranking jobs.....!!! This surprises me.....!! I had a heart ful of hope to stay there, but its not an easy task for good people.

This is a well know issue man. Malaysia isn't for work opportunities by any way.
To live a good life in Malaysia you must have an income from outside Malaysia. If so, Malaysia will be the best place to live in.

Hello. Ur post brought me into my memories. I have working experince with a buying house around nine years. And first i travaled malaysia at 2010. That time currency was so strong and selling garments was a very good business in malaysia, but sad but saying bangladeshis are a nation when they see something profitable the whole nation will start that same thing, and me also did same at 2014 i lost a good amount of money in kl. now i m living in bangladesh now only exporting philippines. And finding job in malaysia is now days became almost tuffest. A many people from europe even come malaysia for work, and another thing bangladeshis also can do some exective work some companies doesnt belive so as a result is tuff for us to get good job over there, i saw many people they go there as a tourist and they fall in love for malaysia coz i would say in the same cost of bangladesh life style in malaysia is almost same as europe or any other developped country, but if u can invest a big amount of money in any potential business u will surely earn some good money. But u will have to have very good business knowledge.
U can try to meet some recruting agency and try ur luck as u have a military work experince may be u mite have a chance to get a good one.
But the best is to start a business if u have a good capital, but i would suggest for business something new and inovative not in the same boat like other bangladeshis are doing there.
Hope for ur best luck.

How can I find the agencies?

I quote here the largest Malaysian recruiting company, they says    " No matter, how qualified or specialized you are, Malaysia is not a labor market for foreigners "     and take my quote, having 6 years experience of doing business in Malaysia + Singapore , Malaysia is neither for small business, However there are always exceptions, but normal people do not live with exceptions

Be careful when you leave your current job for Malaysia, be even more careful when you think to start  as so called " SME". Its nice to spend holidays in Malaysia--- that true


Its easier to start a company than get a job. Our company is for sale if you want to take it over.

But in a company you need to use unique and new ideas, even if it was for food or a common concept. You need something special, not just cheap.

As a labor market its never been good except in construction and low fields. The foreigners who have done well are usually those transferred to Malaysia from a good company they were already working for in another country. Newcomers with skills, its very hard to find a job, to the point I would say dont waste your time trying.

I mean no insult but among foreigners Bangladeshi also have the hardest time because of discrimination. However, Malaysians like new things and would give a foreigner a try when a new concept is involved. But for hiring, local companies have so many local people to draw from there is no point to consider a foreigner because it greatly adds to the company costs to keep the foreigner-- such as immigration costs.

If starting a company, you need at least one year of expense capital while sales begin to build up. Three months is not enough. Two years is better. A foreigner needs time to prove himself to the public.

I think it was said well above, if you earn money on the outside this is a good place to spend it. But of course thats extremely difficult for most people unless, for example, you are retired and getting pension money sent here.

Thanks for your views.....

Thanks for your views.....

My point of view:-

It's well known that more than 1.5 Millions Bangladeshi are working as labors in Malaysia.

The best business that really making a good profit for a Bangladeshi in Malaysia is Mini Market, Groceries, Wet Market. Not really need  big figure to start but really good in profit. Grocery or Mini market that own by Bangladeshi to serve Bangladeshi are still not many but Consumers (Bangladeshi) are huge. Further, grocery or mini market business is still new early here compare to garments that more than half decade been established in Malaysia and too many competitors from other country including Malaysian as well.
Other than the grocery items being selling, you may also add in others business in the grocery shop such as transfer money service, Telephone service and any other business that always needed by all the Bangladeshi labors in here. The best location spot to setting your grocery shop is nearby the construction project area.

Well, it's just an idea. The rest is up to you for further research.

Thank you

Mr Dan, thanks for your view. What should be needed to start such business, I don't mean money or place, but permission to stay and work there.

You need at least 1 Malaysian Share partner to open a company and apply the license.

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