Good day eh!!Well i'm Canadian afterall.I'm relocating to Jamaica early in 2017 and very much looking forward to it.As a retired person i intend to enjoy all that the island has to offer and being single also will open some new opportunities in that department maybe,i'm always optimistic.

Hi Bill Canadian Guy,

Welcome to :)

If you have any question regarding expatriation to Jamaica, please feel free to ask :)


Hi Priscilla,thankyou for wanting to help me with any questions i may have.So far all the info i have gathered it seems like making the move will be a very smooth process which is why so many of my country folk have made the move.If i come across anything i'm unclear about i will be sure to keep you in mind and thanks again.

Good luck, Bill. Actually, I'm not sure there are that many Canadians living in JA; but it's a while since I've visited, so my info is out of date. I live on the island to the west, where Jamaicans comprise the largest expat community. Cayman used to be a dependency of Jamaica, but once Britain decided to let Cayman go its own way, and set it up as an offshore tax-haven, its economy took off. Until 1972 Cayman used the Jamaican pound, which had the same value as the UK pound, then worth $2.40. Right away, pretty much, the value of the J-dollar began falling disastrously, and it's now worth about one cent US. That won't affect you at all, but it's a bit of background information for you. Cheers.

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