How I Came to Love Chop Suey in Colombia

On a weekend visit to Pereira, my hotel taxi-driver took me around town and we ended up at the Chop Suey Chinese restaurant about a block from Bolívar plaza where the large statue of a naked libertador on horseback is famously stationed.

Anyway, in the USA, chop suey has often become synonymous with low-brow faux-Chinese fare.  Sometimes you might find a can of it with noodles and veggies in the food aisle at Walmart or another superstore.

Nevertheless, Pereira’s Chop Suey place was a delightful surprise.  In fact, I rate the chop suey with langostinos -- an oxymoron for large shrimp -- as better than any dish I’ve had at the Chinese restaurants in Quito, Ecuador (where I’ve lived for years).

The shrimp were awesome in every way .. the sauce was sweet and delicious .. and it all came on a fine bed of cidra or shredded squash, and bits of carrot, accompanied by a large dish of yellow rice containing pork and bitty shrimp.

If you ever seek out Chop Suey of Pereira, know that the dishes there serve at least two people.  They have large floor fans available in case you like to keep cool during dining.

Chop Suey, Cra. 20 #8-58, Pereira

cccmedia from metro Pereira

Sounds lovely. I miss Chinese food, authentic and faux.

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