Creating a small social circle for youngsters

Hi everyone,
I moved to Malta few months ago. Despite being such a beautiful island I still find it hard to socialize much with people. So I am planning to make a move to create a small circle so I can plan meet ups. Since i see everyone is on the same boat but nobody makes a plan. Just need your initiatives and support.



Then be the first one and make a plan ;)
But wait after the 13th July... It's the date I'm arriving. And i basically don't know anyone in malta. Will be the first in your circle. So let's socialize :-)

Let me know when you arrive then. But offcourse it would be better if i find more people here :)

Hi, im in malta finaly! Right now watching fireworks from the roof of my new place :)

How about you show me the island a little?

Have a lovely evening,


Welcome !! Where are you staying? Well there is too much to explore here :)

Me and my gf are coming 15th of August so we can meet as well :)

I'm staying at Balzan, and I'm working at Msida. And you?

You are most welcome Toni. Give me a buzz when you arrive.

@ Katerinaa
I am staying in Birkirkara, close to Balzan.
Let's make a plan. When do you get time. Weekends ? :)

Sure will ;)

Hi, cool, almost neighbours :)
Yes, weekends or weekdays after work. So how about this weekend?

This weekend perfect for me. Are you free today or tomorrow. Message me so we can make some plan.


I like this idea! I moved to malta 3 months ago, would definitely be up if you guys want to hang out :)

We just have to make a plan if anyone confirms.

Let's do it

Sure will do. :)

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