Moving to Malta after Brexit

Will there be any changes for British people wanting to move to Malta as it stands now. There is lots of speculation in what could happen, but no-one knows the implication as yet.

Until the UK actually leaves in a couple of years time there is no change in anything, the UK is still a full member of the EU.
What happens after is unlikely to affect those already here too much but nobody knows for sure.


for tourism no but work reason yes

fvictorf there's no way you can possibly back that up! There have been no official announcements, other than Maltese, EU and UK officials mentioning that it is the status quo until action is actually taken.

BigPhil1, Ray is right, as it stands there is no change until the UK actually leaves. Even when the UK does leave, the main feeling is that there should be no problem for people who have already moved prior to the leaving date. And there is hope that there will be an ongoing agreement between Malta and the UK (due to the historic relationship) which will result in something resembling the current position.

But anyone that suggests they know for a fact what is going to happen is either lying or deluded as it is just all speculation at the moment.

My husband and I have taken the view that it is not going to stop us living our life: worst case we get to see what happens over the next two years while living in the sun in a great country!

fvictorf :

for tourism no but work reason yes

Whilst no one knows what the situation might be after the UK leaves the EU, I would still say that the odds are that if you are already a resident here, very little will change. If someone comes from the UK after the exit date they may need to obtain a work permit or something similar, but no one knows!


I have been in touch with advocate in Valletta who advised to register as resident before uk invokes article 50. If uk and Eu divorce i.e. Brexit uk citizens may need work permit to work.

From the foreign office site

The EU Referendum held on 23 June delivered a clear vote for the United Kingdom to leave the EU. The Prime Minister has made a statement. In his statement, the Prime Minister reassured British people living in the EU, and European citizens in the UK, that there would be no immediate changes to their circumstances, and that there would be no initial change to the way people can travel. Until it leaves, the UK remains a full member of the EU. The period for exit, under the EU Treaties, is two years unless the other Member States agree to extend it.

I'm still moving over in March..


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