From San Francisco, want to Meet new people in Marseille

I am originally from San Francisco, California and i am currently living in Marseille,France.
I am very interested in meeting fellow expats for dinner/drinks/adventures in this new city and to make new friends.
If you're nearby, please feel free to message.

Hi amanks, I'm English currently living in Sanary Sur Mer (about a hour from Marseille). I moved here with my French boyfriend. I've struggled meeting people as Sanary is a small town and my French isn't very good (yet!) but would really like to make some friends here. Why did you move to France?

Hi Florence_anna,
Thanks for the reply.
I am teaching English in Marseille for the summer.:)

Hi both. I'm from USA and moved to La Ciotat after living in London more than 10 years. I'd be glad to meet for a coffee. I haven't met anyone here and my French is not good.

Hi TFM, for next couple weeks I am actually in Ceyreste. What are you doing in La ciotat?
I was there two days ago.

Hi. I'm here with my husband. He works nearby. We actually found a house to move to in Ceyreste. I'm back in London however organising things in our old house. I'll be back in early September.

Oh, wonderful. I'll be in Paris in September!
Good luck with your future endeavors.


I was in London a few weeks ago! I hope you're enjoying it. I'm back in Sanary now. Maybe we could chat or meet up when you're back in France?

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