Hello! Newbie from Kathmandu, Nepal!

Hey everyone!

I'm from Kathmandu, Nepal all the way up here from the Himalayan mountains. I will be arriving in South Sudan to work as an UNPOL officer in UNMISS hopefully by the end of July.

This is my very first time in Africa and Im super excited. I have worked a year with the UN in Haiti. I will most likely be working in Juba.

Aside from work, Im a Rock n'Roll/ Blues/ Swing and Rockabilly guitar player and i'm very interested to meet musicians and perhaps join a band of expats or UN people who jam on a regular basis. We had a great UN staff band in Haiti of people from all over in the band and it was crazy good fun! Is there such a scene in Juba at all? Would anyone be interested to start this?

See you soon!

The Kathmandu Cat ;-)

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