Current Status of Humanitarian Visa, Asylum and Jobs In Brazil

Hey everyone, this question could be a little off.
And sorry in advance for this long post.

What is the current status of the humanitarian visa that being issued to Syrian citizens anyway? and how is the current asylum process in Brazil?
And by the way, we are a family, and one of the religious minorities (I keep hearing that this is an important factor in the asylum process).

What I know so far is:

1- once you've arrived, you can apply at the Caritas as a refugee

2- After that, you'll be given a subsidiary protection status, as well as a health insurance, work permit and free education (is that right?)

3- Such status will last till the acceptance of refugee status (or its refusal)

4- There's no financial help of any sort.

What I need to know is:

1- Someone said that you'll be given the opportunity to attend free Portuguese Language courses, is this for real? This could be a real life saver.

2- How is English? Can I depend on English till I know Portuguese? or there are no chances at all?

3- (I'm afraid of this point), Are there camps? And if someone can afford enough money, can he/she rent a house? to be clear, We don't want camp life, if we can rent a house, it would be better.

4- This could be funny, but it's a serious question, as a Web Developer how are my chances to get a job? or going a freelancer? (This is really important to build a real life).

5- As someone with subsidiary protection status (before getting the acceptance/refusal of refugee status), Can I open a bank account, hold Credit Card(s), manage an e-Wallet (PayPal for instance)?

6- If you can or have the ability to do so, can summarize how life looks like there? (community, prices, estates, cities, etc...).

Any help is much appreciated. And there's no need to know all of them, you can give a partial answer/explanations, they will certainly help a lot.

I still have many questions, but I guess those are the important ones.
Finally, I want you to know that unlike many of my fellow Syrians (unfortunately), We'll be productive individuals if only given the opportunity to do so.

Thank you! And again, I'm really sorry fo this lengthy post.

Hello, try Google and look for "Asylum in Brazil" there is a lot of information on asylum in Brazil. Hope it helps, if you research I am sure you will find the anwser to your questions.
take care

Thanks mate, but I already googled almost everything, what i found was little to no information at all or outdated ones.

Well, forget all of the that...
Refugees may be given a work permit after a while (as far as I know), what kind of job they can found if they speak/read/write English close to fluent?

And regarding #4, Can I found a Job somewhat easily as a Web Developer? I'm fully aware of Bazil current situation by the way, like there are (almost) no Jobs for the citizens themselves.

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