Current economic background of London?

I am supposed to go to London ARU for study. how is the current economic background there? will the inflation get increased? Accommodation, new friends and all that.

kindly share your views.

My view - for someone living in Switzerland - is that the whole world is heading for a major economic/monetary crisis of biblical proportions. Whether Britain is in a situation slightly worse off than other countries is neither here nor there -- they are all probably in for an ending with many tears and much gnashing of teeth. :(

PS Noted that the gold price has been going up steadily since the beginning of this year. 
PPS I've stopped looking at the silver price; it gives me palpitations. ;)

The number of times I've read predictions of doom & gloom over the years, which needless to say never came to pass. Though it does seem that we are getting closer to this. So I partly agree.

Yesterday someone else made some predictions. I bring you...da, da, da!!
"Grant Williams, produced this new video  on his service "RealVision TV". It's now publicly available and it's a MUST WATCH.

Crazy - A Story of Debt

Edit: My main criticism of it is at one point Grant said "have gotten" with an English accent.
Heh Grant ffs, that's NOT on. It's called "have got" in Queen's English. :)
Please note in the last song "Wise up (It's not going to stop)" Aimee Mann got it right.
Good girl !  :one

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