First time in the Philippines (Metro Manila)

Hi everyone,

My name's YC, from Malaysia. I'm currently in midst of making decisions whether or not to move to the Philippines as I recently got a job offer based in Metro Manila. But I'm kinda worried as I know no one there, no friends, no family members, and definitely I don't know how's it like there as I've never been there too. To make things worst, the news of safety concerned me too! Yet, there's a part of me that really feels like taking up this job, as it would definitely be a great experience for me. Hopefully to hear all sorts of opinions from you guys, be it good or bad! :)

Hi YC. Welcome to the forum and to the Philippines if you decide to move in. Where in Metro Manila will you be assigned?

Hi MaroBautista, nice to hear from you. Well, I was told that I'll be assigned to Taguig City, not sure where is that as I've never been to the Philippines, and was told that it is a safe place in the Philippines too, it's also CBD area, lots of places to go to and its kinda like CBD area in Singapore, as I've worked in Singapore before, so that's what the employer HR told me. Haha! Have a great day ahead! :)

Oh in BGC? It's a nice place, very high-end. Yes it is safe but still be careful with pickpockets and snatchers. I think you'll enjoy that place. Good luck! :)

Hi Mauro, sorry for the late reply, was busy settling in this new place. Thanks for all your advice and hopefully we are able to grab a drink someday. Good day ahead! :)

Hi YC, It's okay. That's great! Welcome to the Philippines! I think that would be great. I work and stay here in Makati. :)

Hi there Maro, good hearing from you again! Thanks, and as a matter of fact, it's not that bad as I thought it was - except for the traffics! People here drive like there's no tomorrow! Hahaha! Yeah, I don't mind, although I'm not sure where's that yet, but I'm staying somewhere near to SM Aura, is that near to your place? Have a good week ahead! :)

Hi YC,

Oh right. Yah, I'm sorry I was not able to give you a heads up about that. I'm familiar with that establishment. Maybe we could meet there in BGC, I'll ask my best friend to come with us since he work there too but in Uptown Mall. Will that be okay?


Hi Maro, great! That would be nice, would love to ask some opinions too, and the more the merrier ya! Just let me know the date and time, but definitely this weekend sounds good! Haha! Do update me again! :)

Hi YC, Sure we'll deal with those questions as soon as we meet. I'm not sure yet if we can meet with you this weekend. How 'bout we exchange numbers so that we can update each other at real time?

Hi Maro, sounds good! Kindly check your inbox.. :) Just buzz me and we'll make a plan from there! Look forward to it! Good day!

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Welcome to the Philippines! where are you working here in Manila. I  suggest to use uber or grab when going around the Metro. Keep Safe!

Hi.. Thankz for the info.. I work in Alveo Ayala Land,in The Fort BGC...

I dont always check my expar inbox..

Pm me on my viber..

Viber: xxx

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