May move to HCMC need advise

We may move to HCMC. My wife is Vietnamese. I am from the US. My work will be outside Vietnam so what type of documents will I need to live there. Work permit?

Their are a number of good threads on the various subjects involved. To narrow the issue, Is your wife a Vietnamese Citizen or is she Viet Kieu? If she is Viet Kieu was she born in Viet Nam?

Viet Kieu is the Vietnamese term for those Vietnamese refugees who have returned to Viet Nam. Vietnamese expats generally fall under the same rules. Wife is from Bac Lieu and that is where we we married


I understand that, your wife is a Vietnamese Citizen and you were legally married in Viet Nam.

The five year Visa Exemption may be useful, especially if you are going to be in and out of the country a lot. Not long ago, those of us with the Visa Exemption, had to get our passport stamped every three months. Currently it seems to be every six months.

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If you are not working for a Vietnamese company, and depositing / withdrawing from a Vietnamese bank, there should be not need for a work permit.
For example there are lots of internet workers who work remotely online in SE Asia, and get paid by direct deposit to their home countries' bank, then withdraw fund from ATMs. You tax obligation is to your home or working country.
There are numerous threads on this topic.

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