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My name is Martin Im from Argentina, I would like to live and work in Australia, Im working in the quality area in the automotive industry. I would like to know if you can help me in the orientation needed to success in the quality market labor.

I was looking for jobs in different portal jobs of  Australia, but I appreciate that the automotive industry is not the most developed there. Can you say me in which kind of industry can apply with my experience?

I´m 35 years old and don´t have experience in the health market or food market, I could study something related to this market, but I appreciate that in the portal jobs (seek) ask for experience in this kind of jobs. Do you think is possible achieve a post like this without experience?

Unfortunately the auto industry here in Australia is in decline with factory closures, the last scheduled for 2017

You could try looking for quality control type work as this is your area of expertise.

Unfortunately if you have no experience you will have difficulty in finding work.

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+1 on Stumpy's comment.
Automobile manufacturing (located in Victoria and South Australia) is dead. There is next to zero chance of you finding a job in that segment.
The auto industry will now only provide jobs in retail (auto dealerships, servicing ....).

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