what is the best hotel in china

I understand China is pretty big so it's probably worth mentioning which city you're interested in.

This is indeed a strange question.  China is an immense country, with quaint inns, four and five, six and even seven star hotels.
When you pose this question, what is your criteria for defining the best hotel?  Location, layout, rooms, comfort food, dining rooms, menu, amenities, shops, pick up and delivery, exercise rooms, swimming pools, running track, proximity to local sites and historical areas, culture, lakes, rivers, sea, ocean, etc?

Please be more specific, then perhaps I can be more specific.

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I want the best food and room


Have you looked at a map of China?  You have to decide where you want to go.  What province, which city? 

It's not possible to simply request the best room and the best food.  Those can be found in many places in this country.


As other people have said China is a very large country with many local, family hotels, regional and national chain hotels and international chain hotels. My personal favorite is The Astor Hotel in Tianjin. Most if not all towns and cities will have something for every bodies taste.

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