Entering Bulgeria: Can I get car insurance at the border?

Me and my brother are looking to get a place in Bulgeria, short term. We bought a van in the UK and have so far driven it around for about 5 months. At the moment we don't have any kind of insurance, which is needed to enter Bulgeria.

Are we able to purchase this at the border, as with other countries? If not, what is the best way to get a green card? Will they even check? Any help or advice would be useful! :)

We are currently in Budapest and are most likely heading to Sofia. We have been living out of the van, so are unable to receive mail.

For the record, I crossed at Calafat and they didn't even ask for the green card.

I should also mention that there was a  6 euro charge for the bridge however.

If you are travelling in Bulgaria withou car insurance (GRAJDANSKA OTGOVORNOST) and a road vignette (VINETKA) then you will soon get into deep trouble!

Stop at the first GAS Station, buy a Vignette and ask if they can make the insurance. If not ask them for the nearest place.

Also I suppose youhave a UK insurance, so ask your company if it is recognized for Bulgaria and for how long. 

Visit the nearest insurance company's office and ask there too .... other wise you will be fined by the traffic police and your driving licence will be taken (possibly).

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