Blog of the month – July 2016: Eat all over the world

Hello everyone,

This month, we are flying to Australia to meet Emily Ann.

Emily Ann comes from Texas. Passionate about traveling, she settled in Australia following her husband's job transfer.

To read her Interview, please click on the following link:

Feel free to post your comments on her Interview page and to share it with your friends on social networks.

Enjoy the reading! ;)

EAT all over the world - there is no way I wasn't going to click on that link.


Seriously, spoilers ahead\

Don't say I didn't warn you about the spoilers

It's your fault if you scroll down further

Look - Just don't blame me - OK?

In the grand scheme of things we should all look at some aspects of the Australian culture and take notes, all the junk doesn't matter, spend time with your mates, and no worries.

If that isn't worth the click, nothing is.

A sort of "Chill out, dudes" message, but then she hit the nail on the head with

JUST GO, DO, MAKE MEMORIES, and accept it isn't home. Don't try to compare everything to, "back home". Just enjoy the present.


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