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Guys, I am from India and looking out for an IT Job. I have completed Masters in Software Engineering and have around 10 years of experience working with top leading IT companies. I have experience in IT Operations and Service Management. I am A1 certified in German language as well. Can anyone please let me know if there is any openings for a english speaker anywhere in Germany.

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I would invite you to create your CV on the Germany jobs section and read articles in the Work in Germany guide.

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There are few jobs for people without good German language skills.
You should check the main players in the software field (you probably know who they are) to find them.
Most software development and similar roles are outsourced to India.

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Thank you so much, i have already created my CV under the German Jobs section.

Hi Beppi,

Thank you, i have experience in IT Infrastructure management even though i am Masters in Software Engineering. Hence i am looking more into IT Service Management / Operations area. I have applied with many Job Hunters in Germany and everyone is asking for German Language skills. I have a basic knowledge but not so fluent.

IT Service and Operations are typical roles with direct customer/client interaction, thus good German language skills are needed. You need to be at B1 or better B2 level to get such a job.

Why in every country i can find work with english but in germany if you don`t speak german  you can`t ?

Hello Beppi, yes you are absolutely correct but there are companies working globally whom doesn't require good German skills. Example - Bosche I am in search of such companies.

In any non-English-speaking country I know of, your job chances are much lower if you can't speak. For example, in France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Japan, China and many others it's more difficult than in Germany to find a job without local language skills.

You'd be surprized: Despite Bosch (not Bosche!) being an international company now (with just half their employees in Germany), their German departments are still very "German". They'd of course hire you if you have the right skills, but you'd not fit in socially, lose out on a lot of information that is transferred by talking between colleagues, be continually at the losing end of office politics and will never be promoted to be boss of Germans. That in addition to being paid less than German-speakers makes the whole deal unattractive in most cases.

Beppi, did i forgot to tell you that i am A1 certified and am doing the next level as well. I didn't say that i can't learn German. Just the fact that i need a job at the earliest coz i can't be here in Germany for long as my Visa doesn't permit me.Anyways i am trying to learn as much as i can so that i could interact with more people here in Germany. Social involvement is more necessary to live in a different country. Learning German is easier than being fluent in it. Met some people here in Munich who are local here and trying to learn some German from them as well. Lets hope for the best and do the best i can. Thanks for your tips.

Emkay81, i sent you a PM.  Forget about knowing German, i'm here for 7 years and working in a international company where the primary language is English.  Yes it does help to speak German as the previous poster mentioned, and yes you wont be socially accepted as  German, but trust me, you never will.  Unless you are blonde-blue eyed and born here, you will always be the foreigner no matter how good your German is.  They can like you and will be very helpful... but still wont be accepted, no matter what anyone tells you here and no matter how much any German will ever deny what i just wrote.

I am German and I deny what you just wrote.
I have many foreign-born friends (and a wife) who feel very much accepted here and will stay for the long term.

beppi :

I am German and I deny what you just wrote.
I have many foreign-born friends (and a wife) who feel very much accepted here and will stay for the long term.

Sorry if I offended you,**.  The only people like you that I have met, are either from North or East Germany.  Down south here, is a different story.

I have 7 expat friends here (American, Australian, Brazilian, Indian and Bulgarian) and they all share the same thought.  I am also married to a German, and she agrees about the Bavarian snobs and saw it first hand.

Hybrid88 :

Why in every country i can find work with english but in germany if you don`t speak german  you can`t ?

Because people speak German in Germany. Especially customers.

Fluency is no special condition, though, when one travel, one realize that there is similar expectation on how business is done in Brazil, Sweden, China, Russia, France, Japan, ... Language is a very small but valuable first step that someone have sensitivity and respect of the broader culture and its values. In contrast, someone that is oblivious of even the most obvious differences, will certainly embarass your brand or business.

There are of course jobs that doesn't have direct contact with customers, but those are constantly undercut by low salaries because every Joe Bloke can apply there.

Remember - nobody is forcing anyone - it's your free choice to learn it and have alternatives.
Also, those countries that have been traditionally open (English mother tongue) have become less liberal with accepting foreigners since the last decade, as the latest referendum outcome have shown (recall slogans).

It's a world phenomena, though, of people becoming more conservative to try to turn back the clock on Globalisation where assymetric advantages were still possible.

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Mr Cowboy East, Thanks for your comment. I totally accept your post and i have been to many other places in India where different languages are used and the culture is different as well. I alway like the culture and respect the language, have learned them as well. At this time i am looking for a job at the earliest because of the timescale. In the due time i am learning German as well.

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