Registering in 1000 commune.

Hi all,
I am from India. We came to Belgium on March 6 and reside under 1000 commune. For first two month ( March n april)  we live in a company provided apartment. Though we applied in the commune since we heard it take long time in the commune.we were in the apartment till may 7 unfortunately the police came on May 10 and returned with the negative feedback( as no one living in the apartment). Then we register again in the commune once we moved to the new apartment which also come under 1000 commune. Till now we didn't get any police verification. Iam  bit tensed since we  did all process only in online, we don't have point of contact.
initially when we approached they just gave a mail id to apply for the new register.
For me and my daughter the visa over by Sep 6 ,my husband is on work permit for a year.
Any suggestion or idea.
What will be next steps?.

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