Adapting to the climate in Scotland

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Adjusting to new climatic conditions is key in any expatriation process. Moving to Scotland is no exception.

What are the climate characteristics of Scotland?

How does the local weather impact your daily life, mood or health?

What are the pros and cons of the climate in Scotland?

Share you advice and help people adapt quickly to their new weather environment.

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People thinking about moving to Scotland should be aware of the average temperature throughout the year and the lack of sunlight hours in winter.
This lack of sunshine and vitamin D can lead to Seasonal Affected Disorder, which unknowingly affects a huge amount of Scots.

The above is absolutely correct.
Scotland is well north so tends to be much colder than the rest of the UK, but it still has the advantage of the North Atlantic drift that protects it from a lot of the very worst of the weather. That flow does nothing to help when the wind comes from the North, and that means a lot of very warm clothing is in order.
Layers are the key to staying warm, so it's a T shirt, a shirt and a jumper, topped off with a waterproof coat when things turn bad.
Don't forget a warm hat or you're ears will freeze to the point where you'll want to cut them off.

The BBC has an excellent weather service, and their twitter feed keep you up to date, including short weather forecasts.

The post above rightly mentioned seasonal affected disorder (SAD), a condition with a very appropriate acronym as it can serious effect your mood, even causing depression.
I read a terrific article about SAD a few years ago but I can't find it now, however I found this one and it looks just as good.

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