Adapting to the climate in Saudi Arabia

Hello everyone,

Adjusting to new climatic conditions is key in any expatriation process. Moving to Saudi Arabia is no exception.

What are the climate characteristics of Saudi Arabia?

How does the local weather impact your daily life, mood or health?

What are the pros and cons of the climate in Saudi Arabia?

Share you advice and help people adapt quickly to their new weather environment.

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Your skin goes dry throughout the year so you got to use a moisturizer all along!

It rains 3-4 days a year and there's a lot of sandstorms.

The summers are really hot and the winters are really cold  :lol:

What climate? We are 24 hour AC 👍🏻

I am here last 2 years. Saudi have different climate conditions. Coastal area like jeddah, dammam having high humid during summar. Inland area like Riyadh makka madina Qassim having dry climate. Your skin become dry fast and always need to apply cream and drink more water. Abha is located in high elivation area and we dont feel summer.

Saudi weather is only very hot during theier summer up till 56 degree celcius. Other wise it is actually a very plessant climate during winter.

ok, my take on the climate.
The eastern province is a very hot and humid place in the summer months. June,july and the killer is August. 50+ deg and mostly 100% humidity. When i first arrived i almost melted, i kid you not, now i still find it hot and sweat a fair bit, but im almost used to the oppresive heat. just got to drink lots of fluids and eat the right foods and you will be fine.  Jubail is a close town and can be affected by this even more as its located right on a massive corniche. the humidity there some days makes your phone damp.
Winter months, YEA RIGHT i hear you say, are November , December and January.
There were days when i had a thermal singlet, L/S shirt, jacket and scarfe to keep warm some days it didnt help at all 1-2 deg with a blistering wind chill that was more like minus temps.
so bring a selection of both climates and you will be fine. If it stayed 28 every day i wouldnt complain, thats for sure

I lived in Dammam for 16 years, and I agree with all guys write about hot and humid conditions there.
Last year I relocated to Riyadh. We started suffering skin problems caused by the dry weather. Also, your house never gets clean! You need to clean dust every few days. Using indoor air filter devices is very common here.

Accept the truth dear, hot weather some people in the west are wishing to have it.
I enjoyed all humid, dry and severe cold weather too.
In my opinion, a human is never happy in any kind of luxuries, it you how you want to live,  I miss nice sweating in my sports from middle east here in north America now.
Enjoy both extreme kinds of weather my friends. if you need now nice cold spring and rain write me. Always stay happy and be blessed.

I think it will not be justified if we do not consider the most dried and in-humid locations like Riyadh, Dwadmi etc..
These are the locations you will feel extreme burn on your skin but you wouldn't sweat that much.
You may see some bleeding from nostrils often in summers when you are new here. You may get sparks from car door, office door handles, basin tap etc. don't get shocked :D, its ionization..
You can witness rain twice a year once in Oct-Nov for 2-3 days and once again in Feb-Mar for another 2-3 days.
Winters are horrible.. Nothing helps you much when you face the air. It penetrates through bones.
Never go out suddenly from your house if you are using heater, it can lead to a paralysis attack.
Overall, it will be okay and easy for people from Asia who have seen similar weathers in their places..
Storms are to be expected in Mar, Apr and Aug,Sep sometimes with hailstorm..

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Shorty :

just got to drink lots of fluids and eat the right foods and you will be fine.

What do you exactly mean with the right food?

I was wondering what is the average temperature in C degrees during winter.
Is it colder inside or outside the houses, offices etc?

Or has this to do with a huge temperature drop in the winter that you're feeling cold but in fact it isn't?

Climate of Saudi Arabia - hot hotter and the hottest. Summer is the hottest. (from June to September)
The air around you blows very hot as if you are standing in front of a hot air blower or a raging fire. All the taps supply only hotwater throughout the day. Lips and feet crack and the skin becomes dry too if you are in the mid land like Riyadh and too much sweat if you are on the seashore regions like Dammam.

Impact on daily life, health and mood - the peak temperature of the day is between 11 am to 4 pm while you feel hot throughtout the day and night. Cannot move out during the peak temperature time. Variety of fruits are available during summer season. Better to drink lot of water and eat lot of fruits during summer. Reduce intake of chicken, lamb and beef. The government themselves gives out guidelines and directives to follow during summer. Now the mid day work ban is imposed between 11 am to 4 pm. If you are working on a construction site, you have to rest during this time and the work continues from 4 pm to 8 pm. Stay indoor during day time and stay in a naturally ventilated room to allow more fresh air instead of remaining cool in a contained environment because, the oxygen level in the air drops and you need more natural air to get more oxygen.

Like any other country, Saudi arabia has its own best and worst climates. But here the length of the best and worst cllimates are contrasting and not balanced. I enjoyed the best climates from Feb to May. If you understand the climate pattern and ways to adjust your lifestyle, you can enjoy all the weather patterns like i do.

to fight against climate in saudi just maximize use of water

Saudi Arabia is a country with different climates.  Please be more specific, for example, what city are moving to, is it Riyadh, Damman or Yanbu, etc.


3 months in AL JOUF VERY HOT & dry sandstorm .

ABHA , TAIF Climate good .

Good that I am live in abha weather is so good 😜

I been walking during the hot part of the day here in Houston a 4 miles a day...and other suggestions?

Riyadh 's climate is not so friendly and always looks hotter as the city is developed in dry and dessert land. I had been to Jeddah fortnight back and felt the climate is far better than Riyadh.
Adopting the climate in Saudi is difficult but no options. If we want to stay here, have to adjust and make necessary arrangements. If not, just move to desired place and enjoy the stay...

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