Adapting to the climate in Oman

Hello everyone,

Adjusting to new climatic conditions is key in any expatriation process. Moving to Oman is no exception.

What are the climate characteristics of Oman?

How does the local weather impact your daily life, mood or health?

What are the pros and cons of the climate in Oman?

Share you advice and help people adapt quickly to their new weather environment.

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Adaptation or adaptability is characteristic  of human beings ;Other beings adapt by instincts i e a certain speeches of insects just fly higher when temperature in their environment goes unbearable. Methinks with respect to humans adaptation is reminiscent ,it is prepared for because of      messages that come over before indulgement ,this makes it simply common sense why one needs to know about climate and weather changes at the destination where one is heading ; having gotten some clues the mind sends messages (command) to the body systems ( blood , nerves ,skin, muscles, .. ) so they get ready  the change ( to a certain extent).
Most important is to adapt smoothly ,slowly,starting wth. small dozes of exposure, and of course with real assessment to the reaction in ones psycological , physical or physiological reactions .

In hot climates keep cool in your mind,No adventures, lot of precautions,lot of liquids,creams ,ointments...It is good if you can walk and sweat

just think of workers who work in the sun day after day

God bless

Oman is very safe is good and you will enjoy when you will reach in the Month of July to september .

specially in Salalah .

for More info you can write me at xxx

We will well come you in Oman .

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If you are not drawing handsome salary in Oman and struggling with saving some amount for your future ..... then Middle East weather will be on top to frustrate you. I did not liked the weather at all ...... Always confined in AC cars, rooms, malls ..... You can not breath in open atmosphere, especially in Summer season. Most of the time its dusty. BR Adnan

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