Adapting to the climate in Lebanon

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Adjusting to new climatic conditions is key in any expatriation process. Moving to Lebanon is no exception.

What are the climate characteristics of Lebanon?

How does the local weather impact your daily life, mood or health?

What are the pros and cons of the climate in Lebanon?

Share you advice and help people adapt quickly to their new weather environment.

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Summer time in Lebanon is amazing in many aspects. If u like hot weather u can go to the beach/pool etc and if u wanna cool down, drive up to mountain places or take a hike.
Also alot of night life options, especially also summer time.

The weather can make u a bit tired some days, if u dont come from the same kind of climate, mainly because of the humidity, that I as a Swedish am not use to at all. U need to find some quick naps, to have a rest, cz life in Lebanon can be quite stressful. They live here, they take advantage of each day, doing stuff after work etc. And they like to gather or go for a vite to eat. The lebanse dont sleep as much as we for ex in Sweden.

Tanning is really popular here, if u wanna feel in, be tanned as early as April 😛 its amazing, first day at pool, first spring/summer days and ev one is tanned 😃Me am still white hahaha, and ev one comments on that😆
Then we have the AC issues that i hate, but somehow some days it's a must. Am not use to AC either, and If I put it night time, all night, I get sick. Coughing and cold. So I have a fan night time, and during the day i switch between "fresh" air and AC.
Inside malls the AC are strong, bring something summer time to put on, cz of the contrast outside/inside, and also it can get a bit chilly if u stay awhile. 

The roads are always crazy with traffic, but during high season summertime its hard to pick a time when its usually less traffic, cz its traffic stockin every where. Atleast around Kaslik/Jounieh where I live. But also in Beirut.

If ur new here, take care summertime what u eat. Make sure its a good clean restaurant and avoid stuff like la7me bayin and vegetables that are not cocked and fresh icecream. Especially if its a small foron (own) or at some beach places etc. Diarrhea is common summertime, even for me thats been living here 4 years now.  But am much better then in the beginning, no fever like I sometimes got after eating something bad, mixed with to many hours in the sun.

Winter time is not much to say, its mild with no snow other then up in mountain. And I like that. It can rain quite alot, but I am not bother with it. Sometimes theres really stormy days, and that I love, living next to the sea, amazing. But most of the lebanese hates it. The roads though, becomes more aweful then they allready are.

A bad thing is that its really cold inside the houses, it goes into ur bones. So I bought a heater for inside, or else I will freeze to death. Its not comfortable in my point of view. I am used to warm cosy inside wintertime, and when I go out its freezing, but I put warm cloths, not the opposite. Even with a heater inside I have to dress several layers.
I've notice that in new bulidings its little better. I guess the heating system is improved and built in or something.

Yeah little advices maybe


Have you googled "Mediterranean climate"?

Seriously, Lebanese weather is the best in Middle East.

Moderate to heavy rainfall in winter, but the rest is really nice. Why do you think the French colonized the place?

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