Adapting to the climate in Dominican Republic

Hello everyone,

Adjusting to new climatic conditions is key in any expatriation process. Moving to the Dominican Republic is no exception.

What are the climate characteristics of the Dominican Republic?

How does the local weather impact your daily life, mood or health?

What are the pros and cons of the climate in Dominican Republic?

Share you advice and help people adapt quickly to their new weather environment.

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Coming from the mountains of Colorado USA it was certainly a change.  It took a bit to get used to my perpetual summer "sheen" (light coating if perspiration 24/7) as well as being bug bait (mostly mosquitoes ) for the first 6 months.  Then it was easy sailing on most days.  Still in the summer months the heat can be a bit unbearable.

You can always tell the tourists from those who live here.  On a typical day the tourists are walking on the sunny side of the street and those of us living here (Expats and locals alike) are walking on the shady side.

All in all it certainly beats shoveling snow 3-5 times a week.

We also get fresh veggies and fruit all year long.

Bob K

Well we are in the tropics.  Anyone visiting or planning to move has to understand what that means!  Yes it takes an adjustment.

Many can't acclimatize in the summer so they often go "home" for a few months.   

Characteristics -  HOT,  HOTTER and HOTTER STILL.   So  winter is hot, spring and fall are Hotter and the hotter still is  now June through November the last few years. 

IT is humid as hell in the summer months!  That is often harder to handle then the heat! 

Adapting is critical,  lots of light clothes,  go to the beach or the pool when you can,  drink lots of water ( not beer or alcohol)  and get the air moving -  fans are critical in the house if you do not use Air conditioners!

Hot is good, cold is bad. Being from Northern Ontario, I used to love the winter. Now in my senior years, I cannot take the cold anymore.
So I moved here, got married & we bought a house with 6 fans &
an big air conditioner for our 400 square foot bedroom. I spend about 12 hours a day in the bedroom, with air & a big fan. We have a Canadian flag decal on the door. You need a breeze here to survive.
Life is good with air, fans, shade & a breeze. Without those,
I would probably die, seriously!

Hmmm...12 hours a day in the bedroom, glad to hear you are still having fun.

The weather in the Dominican Republic varies depending on what area of the country one resides.

Near the beach - hot and humid
In the mountainous areas - warm to cool (depending on the time of year)

We have AC's where we live and work. Without them it would be uncomfortable during the hotter parts of the day.

This is my first year living in the DR and I am adjusting well. Yes, I agree the summer is much hotter than the winter months. I find myself living in my bathing suit in the summer when I am home and only in the evening I will then put a pair of shorts and tee shirt or a dress if I go out. I also jump in the pool regularly throughout the day which I don't do in the winter. The water is cold ! 28 degrees is too cold for me !  I adapted my schedule in the summer.: do all house chores in the morning, go easy in the afternoon and start moving again early evening. I am surprised to see that some of you think it is very humid at times. I come from Kentucky where humidity is at its highest in the summer months. I found the humidity level pretty low actually here even though my little anti-moisture bags that I put in my closets fill up with water pretty fast !  Now that summer is here, I find myself to put on the air in the bedroom 30 minutes before going to bed and then, I turn it off and only keep the fan . And it works for me.
In the winter, no air at all.. Brrr... the fan is plenty and I still end up covering myself with a blanket for the night ! I guess it is all a matter of perspective , right ?

And time, as you acclimatize you will find the summers hotter and winters cooler......

Dont know if I am imagining it, but last couple of months this year seem exceptionally hot. Well think there are two sides to temperature- first the actual temperature, then -as some forecast sites state- the "Feel Like" factor when things like humidity etc are taken into consideration, so it feels a lot hotter.  I recall one day when "feel like" temp was nearly 50 C. -Christ, thats hot !!!
Sahara territory!
One day walked to Charamicos and back and was so exhausted had to lie under fan for an hour. Had some more days like that just feeling tired and exhausted after short time outside. At one stage was so tired of it, actually considered leaving for cooler climates back home.
Especially as I am prone to heat rash, which is a bitch to get rid of.
Well they do say the world is getting hotter, recently in India a large number of people died from the heat.
Reckon its not going to get any better in future...maybe I should consider moving into my fridge, but things might get a bit cramped ..but on the plus side, rent might be cheaper :-)

That is the humidity that does that and you are exactly  right -  feels so much hotter!

yes, the humidity and the sun ! once the sun is out of my backyard, it feels so good to lay on my lounge chair. And there is often a very nice breeze.

it is the humidity that kills you for sure.

The last two years I can remember saying "wow this june and july have been hotter than normal.  I think last year our "heat" started in May and lasted till late October.

Fans, shade and breezes are you friend

Bob K

You are right Bob!!!! It is hotter - sooner - and for longer!

@Planner >You are right Bob!!!! It is hotter - sooner - and for longer!

Aahh looks like I was not imagining it then.

Best climate I ever experienced was capital of Ecuador , Quito.
Yeah, those Spanish Conquerors were not stupid, they built the capital high up where it is cooler.
Rest of Ecuador is stinking hot and humid, but Quito is more or less 18-23 C. all year round and no awful humidity.
Although can be cold at night and the lack of oxygen is a problem at first so high up, but body gets used to it after a short while.

I hear Medellin is nice climate too being pretty high up, which is pleasant if you can avoid the murders,kidnappings and drug gangs :-)
But seriously apparently is a lot safer than it used to be...possible a bolthole in future for few months, if this damn heat keeps getting worse!

Here you can have the same results - go to Jarabacoa where it is nice and cool in comparison!   I can only go in August.....its too chilly for me most of the year.

Glad to see some of my friends again. Haven't been able to get back to the island. I do talk daily with my wife and it is the most often quoted phrase, "hace mucho calor". Like mentioned she is aware of a shorter cooler season and much hotter spring summer fall. Oh? Right....there really are no definate seasons..unless we adopt hotter HOT and HOTTER. LOVE IT... we have reveived notice that our immigration papers are being processed. I have stayed in the states since March. Working and preparing stuff for my wifes arrival around December. Hi Bob, Darlene, Thomas, Tamas, and all of you who know me. Hope all is well with you all.

So good to hear from you.  It sounds like things are progressing...good for you!.  You don't need to be a stranger around these parts even if you are not physically here.

Bob K

Hey honey, you have been missed!!! Glad things are going well! Abrazos for you and your lovely bride!

Groby! I thought you got swallowed up in Santiago!
Welcome back!
So if I can read between the lines, your new Esposa is going to join you in the Great Pacific north-west Coast?
Are you going to continue with your great stories???
We all miss them!

Hi guys !

For many people making the switch from the "cold climate" fast pace to the "warm climate" slow pace.
You have to be able to push a different button, depending on the temperature.
People in  hotter climates do everything just the same, just....   slower,
It's also why people tend to think that people in tropical climates are lazy.
They are not !    They just know how to apply their energy effectively; how and when, that's the key !
This adjustment takes time , and you have to train yourself to do this

That would be your opinion and or experience. I do not have that experience at all. I move at the same speed I did.before.

I know.many locals who do as well and I know lots that are damn lazy!

Nope it does not slow me up or any workers I know or employ.  The climate did here did teach me to walk on the shady side of the street.  In fact that is how you tell the tourist from the expat here.  The expat walk on the shady side of the street and the tourist in the sun.
Bob K

Hahaha so true Bob!!!!

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