Adapting to the climate in Croatia

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Adjusting to new climatic conditions is key in any expatriation process. Moving to Croatia is no exception.

What are the climate characteristics of Croatia?

How does the local weather impact your daily life, mood or health?

What are the pros and cons of the climate in Croatia?

Share you advice and help people adapt quickly to their new weather environment.

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Your body normay takes 14 days to adapt to extream changes in climates. The question is to vague. This depends on the time of year. The age of rhe person and where they are coming from. Your asing the wrong question. You wont get a specific answer wothout a secific question.

I will now try to throw some light on this.
I have lived in Croatia for 17 years and am from Scotland. 2 very different countries both geographically and culturally. So let me see what i can do here:

Q. What are the climate characteristics of Croatia?
A. The main summer months ( July through August are typically hot (late 30's) June to September are relatively good. Not cold but on the fringes there will be rain and thunder storms and humidity. If you live on the coast its shorts and t-shirts and swimming for 4 to 5 months of the year. On the coast you wont see snow but will see plenty rain in the winter. Generally it wont drop bellow 5 unless the Bura blows. A very cold Northerly wind. This will blow on the coast a few times a year in the winter for a couple of days and it can be hellish.
In the north (Zagreb etc, expect snow) The north is inland and at altitude.

Q. How does the local weather impact your daily life, mood or health?
A. Good weather allows for outdoor activities such as swimming, cycling hill walks, nature park excursions and picnics. All that tends to put one in a good mood as rain tends to do the opposite. No brainer that one. But here's a thing. The roads are great for being out on your bike. In Zagreb and surrounding areas cycling is very popular and cyclists are very well accepted. But on the coast be careful. Not bike friendly by any manner of means. Especially in the tourist months when traffic is a bloody nightmare. I recommend in summer not using a push bike in the summer.
Regarding health. Croatia is adorned with wellness centers that are specifically designed for your well being. Very popular.

What are the pros and cons of the climate in Croatia?
the pros and cons to weather are the same the world over. If the suns out great, if the rains out, not so great. If its to hot, dont go crazy by cranking up the AC. This will make you suffer from sore heads etc. Get a balance so when you move from one to the other your body does not go into shock. If like me your from Scotland and dont have any idea about Air conditioning than tread gently.

But all this only scratches the surface for someone considering moving to Croatia. You have a culture that you have to blend into. A new language to learn. English is now the second language in schools but dont just expect everyone to speak it. The Croatians will welcome you if you show that you are making an effort to embrace their culture and language.

Island hopping in June and September is fantastic. You totally cant stay out the water. The water round the islands is absolutely enchanting.

Historically Croatia has a great history and there is much to see. In Split for instance the Diocletian Palace on which Split was built is over 1700 years old. And its all there to see. Amazing. 

The national parks, Plitvica and Krka are both fantastic. Water sports are great, Croatians in general are very active in all sports.

Thanks for the information about climate/living in Croatia.  Would you say more about the wellness center?    Resorts?   Day spas?   Expensive?


. Never used them. But they have a good reputation.
Try this link … matia.html

Thanks so much.  I stayed on Korcula for a month after finding a great massage therapist!  What a wonderful way to spend a vacation.  The beautiful sea, great food and an occasional massage.  Heaven!

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