Sofia compared to other EU cities

As I have £3.5 million (inheritance) to buy a house with, I saw best value in Sofia in Europe, houses for that money cost £30 million in London. Are the rest of the cities amenities as good? the nightlife? shopping? and everything else, does it have the benefits of everywhere else, I have been there and I love the city but does it tick all boxes and not just the holidaymakers ones? I don't want to spend money on a house in an area that devalues it on a day to day living basis.

guyjones :

As I have £3.5 million (inheritance) to buy a house with

You sir are either trying to scam people or about to be scammed soon.  :P

No offence but this is an insane question.
If you have done any homework on this at all you would quickly find out that even 1/2 Million goes a very very long way in Sofia.
If you expect cheap prices and a high western Stanard in all things than better stay on in  London mate. Only remember, money and fools shall be quickly parted.

I think it is a sad thing for someone to speak like that also .......on your profile Guyjones you say you are an expat yet you are still in the UK and that you you want to take a degree in biology in Portugal or bulgaria because in your eyes these places offer the cheapest university and living cost obviously the top worry if you have 3 and half mil in the bank.........I would ask the doctor to change your medication if I were you because you are experiencing side affects of grandiose on what ever you taking,
I thought I would have really laughed at what you have just said but I couldn't no matter how hard I tried because I just found it to be too sad Guyjones see if you can come up next time with something that has a bit more humour in it please so that I can have a good laugh and not feel like I am watching a car crash in slow motion and Oh by the way the protocol I think you should follow when you are with your mates is puff puff pass Guyjones always puff puff pass!!!!!!!!!

My family have always taught me to do the most for less, hence why I have cash to play around with. It's not my fault I have the money I have, but likewise it's that fact I have chosen Sofia, because my money will go much further than it will in London, I'm degree educated but this doesn't mean so much these days. If I can buy a superior house to you in Sofia, sorry. I didn't mean to be a competitor

I guess you think people with money won't pick Sofia, well tell me where's the best place to go to?

I'm looking at a place for £700,000 around Lake Pancheravo, I could go all out and buy a villa for £3,500,000 that aint even on the market, none of the big buys are, they are all ex top brass mansions, but I don't need that. Who needs indoor swimmimg pools, outdoor ones, climate controlled gardens. That's too much

The Boys Club. I respect you cos you face elements of the Turks that make people feel small. Never going to argue

Listen Guyjones I would seriously consider what you are are saying on a public forum as you are coming across extremely nieve and it won't be long before criminals will home in on this and part you from your money by trickery or worse by force.
So if you are for real please take care of yourself before you leave it to late .
As for me my best friend from school days when I asked how many houses he has about ten years ago he said about 500 and he hasn't got halfpenny on mortgage and they are all rented out and I have never heard him say in private let alone in public except for that one time I asked him and I only asked him because he was going through some papers one day and when he came across this property that was on it he said he forgot he had that one and I could tell by the way he was talking loud to himself that he was just speaking matter of fact.
So me I have met many people with serious wealth even though I don't have any money because I have been a single parent for 27 years looking after my son who is visually impaired and my mate always says to people don't forget he is one of us when he introduces me to his rich and powerful friends and so what I am saying Guyjones is I have never heard any of these people with serious wealth talk in the way you are and they do not for a reason and getting more for less is something I understand fully from my mate as we even now laugh when he says to me while he is telling a story of our past to one of his other pals as to how he would say come on Norm  let's get some breakfast and he would take me down to the hospital were he would put on a pair of white overalls from the boot of his car so he could pass for a contractor working on the hospital because they got a discounted breakfast and this was a way of life for my mate so good advise from your family on being prudent with your money but please learn quickly in life you have to go under the radar and dress down and blend in certain circles if you do not want to be fleeced out of your inheritence  and do not broadcast your privileged circumstances in this way please,just go and rent somewhere were you think you might want to live and after say six months if you like the area where you have been living then you will be aware about the house you would like to live in and what sort of money they cost by looking in estate agents and you will save yourself from getting taken advantage of and if you find you don't like the area or city where you are living it is much easier to move on and try some where else when you haven't got the hassle of the wrong property wrapped around you.
Anyway I wish you well in life and I am sure whoever bequeathed you this money would not want you to lose it in some stupid nieve way so wake up and smell the coffee for a Happy Life
Good Luck

Kind regards

Seriously, to some people here in BG £3.5mill is pocket-money. But do indeed be careful: the "top brass" you speak of are very often not the kind of people you might want to associate with - not to mention that their 'business associates" aren't too worried about a few ricochets if negotiations get heated.  Large/expensive properties here also cost a fair bit to run; you'll need to budget for security (alarms, cameras and COT are essential), heating/cooling (energy isn't especially cheap and oil/gas - and hence also electricity - is subject to foreign whims, such as Putin interrupting supplies a few years back during a VERY cold winter, and BG was just collateral damage) and a bunch of other stuff that may not be as cheap as you'd like to think. Depending on the size of your family, a huge house may not a good idea anyway; you may be too young to have learned that, or have a large family - or ego - to cater for.

I don't rate Pancharevo too highly: it's pretty enough but gets crowded - it also looks terrible when they drain the lake, as they did several months ago, and it can smell appallingly. I nearly fell into that trap myself!

There are some beautiful properties downtown Sofia - or indeed in the Black Sea cities. However, if I had a spare few million I would buy a reasonably small but good property for myself, plus several easily-rentable ones which would bring in enough to take life easy on.

Well said jimj its nice to know not everyone lives in the twilight zone and I hope your sound advice is at least thought about before this young man puts his life at risk for the sake of a few quid and trying to impress the wrong people.
I am of the learning there are always greater and lesser in life so it doesn't matter what you think you might have there will always be people that have greater and lesser.......Always.
Good to read you post jimj

Kind regards Norman

Thanks for the advice Jim, that sounds reasonable for anywhere, and I am aware Bulgaria has some side issues other places in the EU don't encounter. The Boys Club, that is the story of my relatives, with good credit rating you can(could) buy on 100% mortgage in places like Rochdale, Burnley, Halifax, Grimsby, Keighley etc and the rent will pay the mortgage off and give a reasonably profit for no more than a a few hours paperwork per property per year. It was a good way of earning for little investment (labour, finances or time). Now things have changed somewhat to prevent this from being so straight forward, at least for people starting off.

I have gone above my estimate and bought a place in a slightly different location, Bistritca for £3.75 million, but had the biggest thing I wanted, a clay tennis court as well as a snooker room. I know it's above what people would say, but my two favourite sports are catered for. What better place could I get anywhere?

Well done 😊
I wish you well in your home.....congratulations

Kind regards Norman
The boys club

My family that have visited are crazy about the house and the nightclubs in Sofia, they are thinking of the same thing themselves, They couldn't believe driving to 'Club Bedroom' in a Bentley that they park the car for you and offer a driver home for when your inebriated....

Good for you - although I guess there must be a hidden '"top-end" market in the area; I live just next to Bistritsa and keep a close-ish eye on the local property market but this particular house didn't register on my radar at all - not that I have that kind of capital anyway.

Club Bedroom is my idea of a very tacky version of Hades, arrival by Bentley notwithstanding - but at least it's convenient for the National Theatre!

Wow that's Fantastic you are obviously living the dream enjoying life......Great news

Kind regards Norman
The boys club

Just one final point before I leave for now, I am very pleased with my location, easy access to the city and the airport, and Sofia city does cater for everything and more. But most importantly, Mount Vitosha, getting the cable car halfway up and meandering down for the rest of the day is seriously therapeutic, Sofia is the only capital in Europe on the side of such a monstrous (Ski) mountain, it really is a blessed city. Chao

The house though...I have an open plan bedroom like a Bungalow, with intelli glass panels that are either clear, coloured or patterned depending on my mood, so I can make room combinations out of open space. Plus I have a caterpillar system wardrobe where I can see how my clothes look in different combinations all at the press of a button.  It's a lovely house to spend time in....Or play tennis and snooker for when relaxation is a bit extravagent. Money well spent without question

Watching the economic data of Sofia over the last 12 months, growth by 7%, wage growth by 11%. Fastest growing in the EU, to compare it with a similiar city, Belgrade has 660,000 in employment, Sofia has nearly 1,000,000. I've researched my city and it stands head and shoulders abover all others.  For another example, in the future 10 years Sofia will be the quickest growing city in Europe by a long way, only London will be a second place.

Just FYI, there has never been a 3.75m pound/euro house sold in Bistrica, ever. It is a cheap village outside Sofia, in fact there is an entire building complex for sale there (39 separate family houses in about 35k sq.m of land) for about 2 million euro.
It's sad that people resort to these kind of stories online, at least make the stories more plausible.

Hi, Stephen_t,

My responses to guy Jones messages at first I was concerned for his safety and then I soon realised he was one of lifes Walter Mittys and then I felt sorry for him but his persistence in his elaboration just turned the whole episode into an incredible adventure in his mind and I couldn't resist playing along with my comments to see what he could think of next.
I know that it was wrong of me,but my wicked sense of humour couldn't resist.
Anyway take care
The boys club


I have a solution for you - with these 3.5 mln. you can buy a house in almost all Bulgarian cities - do it and everything will be o.k.

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