Moving to Mexico


My name is Ahmed, i am from Egypt .. i would like some help from you.
i will graduate soon from Architecture Engineering and i wanted to move to mexico
where my girlfriend are so we can live together. i can speak Arabic and English
what can i do to have the residence in mexico ?

Visit the nearest Mexican Consulate for answers.

You should google the Mexican consulate in Cairo and read the visa requirements.
This is he first thing you have to do...
Also are you cosnudering getting married with your Mexican girl friend..
Mexico has strong immigration rules for anybody so the consulate online should be your first choice to understand what are your rights.
Take care
France Launia

If you are posting you must have a PC that you are using.    Open Google and type in "Moving to Mexico."
You will have several choices.   (I am not sure f you are a US be sure that you indicate your citizenship status.)
You girlfriend could recommend a Mexico attorney who can help you....for a fee.
Good luck.

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