holidaying in Sunny Beach Very un-welcomed by ALL is this usual ?

my sister and her young family are holidaying in Sunny Beach and are being made to feel very un welcomed by everyone they come across in bars , shops even the hotel they are staying in ! is this normal or is there a particular feeling over there in Bulgaria which has changed towards the British ?
We are desperate to try and get her and the family out of the hotel and moved to another or back to the UK asap because its that bad they actually feel unsafe.

any help much appreciated

It wouldn't be surprising as the British public have voted for a slight majority of Brexit, an attitude towards it's European union partners that it wants their doctors, their trade, their resources and assets without paying anything in return, instead of pooling sovereignty for all it wants an elitist Europe which would favour the economically more advanced nations, thankfully Germany (and presumably realising what nationalist conflicts can do in Europe) are more pragmatic about things than a country still pining for past glories, a country not knowing what it is now.

The tourists in Sunny Beach have kinda made a reputation for being jerks- impolite, often drunk or on drugs, trashing the city etc. It doesn't surprise me that the locals working there are fed up and no longer nice to tourists. It makes it a terrible choice for a family vacation. Even if your sister is a complete charm-- the history of tourists there (especially young brits) give brits a pretty bad reputation.

For an idea, watch What Happens In Sunny Beach...

Still when a respectable young family are holidaying there at time of the vote of which they have not even participated in it seems very unfair to be treated this way ! (Like rats) they have a 4,5 & 13 year old and regardless of political views who in the right mind would take this out on a young family on holiday ! Disgusting attitude making the Bulgarians look bad

No its not usual
But if they want to change hotel just go to any hotel and ask if they have rooms available there are loads to choose from.
Or for that matter relocate to Nessebar its just a few Km from Sunny Beach and much more family friendly then the strip in Sunny Beach

Again, it is most likely not about the Brexit vote or political at all, and more of the atmosphere of Sunny Beach being a complete party area. It is unfortunate for your sister for sure, and her family does not deserve to be treated poorly (I am guessing) but the best option is to get out of sunny beach to one of the neighboring cities/resorts where tourists have not spoiled the tourism culture by acting stupid and selfish. Sunny Beach is basically just a party town.

I have a 2 week family holiday at the end of this month, far away from the "Sunny beach area" towards Balchek/Albena, I saw the documentary about Brit's all pis#ed up hotel rep's too, it was not a great advert for anyone contemplating visiting the area, "hen/stag parties" "drink till you sink!" attitude.
Nothing new here this happened in the past Ibiza, Falaraki etc.. now Prague is  becoming popular too, cheap booze and binge drinking! (God I sound like an old fart!)
This culture of people aged 18 to 30's on bar crawls has always gone on for years, I guess the local staff do get a bit fed up with seeing it maybe they assume everyone is the same from the UK? It is supply and demand, it brings in money so bar owners know there's a market for this, the fact it tarnishes the views for decent people that are trying to holiday is unfortunate after all we save our hard earned £, €, $ etc to go on holiday, I think your sister and family deserved to be treated fairly on their holiday but maybe the area was not the right location, a combination of all the above has not helped her on this holiday.
I hope she see's other parts of Bulgaria before making a judgement on the country, it'd be a shame if her own remaining views of this country where tarnished too!
Regards Steve. (Coffee and JD & diet coke in moderation  :top: )

still no need to treat a young respectable family like this .. they have had such a terrible holiday and are literally counting down the days until they come home ! shame if the rest of the country is nice because this has well and truly put them off ever going there again.

Yeah kind of the point I was making. I agree it is a shame.
(but I've had bad holidays before too so can see both sides)
Regards Steve.

This is quite strange, what hotel are they staying at ? I have been coming to Bulgaria now for 12 years and have never had a problem, I have bought an apartment in Nesebar, and am here at the moment and have noticed no change in attitude of the Bulgarians since the vote to leave by the majority of the Brits. I must admit when I bought my apartment I did look at Sunny Beach and thought better of it, because of the night life there. Most of the Bulgarians I know aren't bothered about what's happening in the UK, they know they have a short holiday season to make their money for the rest of the year, so to go around upsetting tourists is not in their best Interest.
You say they are un-welcomed "by all" I find that very hard to believe, it's like saying everyone in Britain doesn't like Bulgarians. I am really sorry  for the poor experience your sister and family has had, but this is in no way typical of the Bulgarian people.


It seems very strange, albeit I haven't been near Sunny beach for a few years as it really isn't my cup of tea at all; most Bulgarians are friendly and welcoming but the dreadful behaviour of young Brits abroad is bound to affect how all Brits are perceived, especially where they go to have a "good" time. 

Certainly here in Sofia there's been no discernible change in people's attitude - but there is most certainly a difference in how far your pound will go!

I would stay away from Sunny Beach asmuch as possiable even my friend in BG say to stay away. need to go to one of the more quiet town Sozopol , Obzor,  was in Balchick .

I suppose It depends on what you are looking for, If you are looking for quiet I agree with you or even Nessebar where i am but if you are looking for nightlife then Sunny beach is for you.

Having lived in Bulgaria for ten years I can empathise with those having to tolerate the loutish behaviour characterised by some patrons of Sunny Beach and understand why locals may have formed negative attitudes. In my experience however the observations of linzi007's family are certainly uncharacteristic, nevertheless, Id suggest they try family friendly resorts further south.

Assertions that the alleged behaviour was a reaction to Brexit is a typical Libtard stance, moreover, far from a narrow vote there was a clear mandate to reject the totalitarian structures synonymous with the EU.  Brexit was not a vote to divorce the other peoples of Europe but a  vote for sovereignty and democracy. 

So, rather than labelling the UK racist, a sophomoric reactionary fallback, I would ask those that do take off their leftist Blinkers and examine attitudes in Germany, Sweden, Greece, France and the Netherlands where close to 50% of the population also hold negative views of the EU. (2016 opinion poll)

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