Moving to Lanzarote

I am considering moving to Lanzarote - at first I was ready to go lock, stock and barrel but now I think I would like to give it a trial of 2 months - I want to know if this is a good idea ??

Hi Paulinr53, If you are uncertain I would recommend staying there for a period of time to get to know the island and culture and then move lock, stock and barrell when you are certain, established connections and roots there.

Thank you for yr reply Vicki - I really have no idea where to start from this end - do I give up my flat first - do I find accommodation there first - I really have no idea. I have been holidaying in Puerto del Carmen for the last 7 years and I love it. I'm coming over in November for a weeks holiday. Also if I make the move are there any groups I could join so I will at least have someone there to make contact with if I have any problems? ?

It is a catch 22 situation!  Perhaps when you are over in November you could check out long-term rental apartments and then take it from there? There are several forums which you can search on the internet, one being discover lanzarote to connect with expats and InterNations org.

Thank you - is there accommodation for people who are not on holiday, all I can find are holiday apartments - do u know of any agents that do this

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