Super visa to travel more easily in Southeast Asia

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Traveling in Southeast Asia may could soon become easier for foreign nationals.

According to Travel Pulse website, former General  Secretary of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, suggests the introduction of a super tourist visa allowing foreign nationals to travel to several countries in the region.

For the time being, tourists wishing to travel throughout Southeast Asia have to face different entry conditions and durations of stay, separate visa fees, as well as several pages of their passport being taken up.

A new approach in terms of visas could allow ASEAN countries to share their tourism revenue and marketing. Tourists, for their part, would be able to travel with more freedom and less paperwork.

Dr. Surin also suggests that the first step could be to allow tourists visiting Thailand to benefit from an additional visa to travel to neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, or Laos.

According to Travel Pulse, he has also mentioned the possibility of granting two-country visas in case two nations could find an agreement in this regard.

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Assuming a pair or group of countries can agree terms, the idea of a tourist super visa is good news for all concerned.
Indonesia has free visas for most of their major tourist capture countries, and that applies to at least a few more countries in the region.
I'm betting many countries have similar restrictions on travellers holding given passports, so it's possible.

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