Single female wanting to live in gambia

Hello i am a single female living in usa wanting t move to gambia? I have heard lots of stories gambians want to drain u of your money, i am supposed to leave september 1. Can anyone tell me if this is true? Ty

Well it depends where you are and what you want. It depends on who you spend your time with and how adaptable you are. It depends on how tough you are too. Why are you coming? What do you hope to achieve? What kind of background are you from?

Why move to The Gambia Giny if you have formed that unsubstantiated view already.  Take a holiday trip, get a registered green car guide to take you around the towns and the markets, experience West Africa culture.  I have been working with Gambian people for over 30 years find them to be friendly, helpful, open minded, hardworking on the whole.  Sure you are going to find what are call "bumsters", young unemployed youths hanging around the mid-range tourist hotels in peak times, but you can blame the hotel management for that who are not that often Gambia residents themselves.

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