Thinking of moving to Malta

Hi I would like to talk to other expats who have moved to  Malta. Can i buy a nice house for 250k us dollars? How can i fly there for cheap and less time?


The first thing you may wish to consider is being allowed to reside in Malta, have a look at the 'Sticky' post near the top of the page regarding permits for 'Third Country Nationals'.
This link will take you to it.

If you find that you will be allowed to reside in Malta I would look at renting and not buying. Houses are overpriced here and also notoriously difficult to sell should you wish to move.  You might also find that your residence permit is for a limited time, which would not justify buying a property.


You would be able to buy a small house maybe or a nice apartment, but houses with 3 or 4 bedrooms and a pool are going to be well above that.

But do not buy - rent!


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