Looking for a double room

Two Hungarian friends have asked me for help to find an inexpensive double room to rent for 6 weeks starting from July 14.
They are also looking for jobs. One is a hairdresser, the other works with handicapped people.

Hello Derenyimaria,

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I suggest you ask your friends to join the website so that they may detail their search. They will definitely get some feedbacks.

For the time being, why not add an advert in the Housing in Malta and the Jobs in Malta section so that they may get some offers ?

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Hi it may not be of interest but I have two single beds in my spare room available as of now but as I have friends coming over I would need to the room vacant from 15th July.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your reply. We need the room from July 14 onwards.

I can offer the double room in Fgura for free if they stay till the 23rd September and they take care of our pets while we are away.

Dear Marco,
That sounds wonderful.
The two people concerned are arriving on July 15th.
I have a contact e-mail for one of them, Istvan (Steve) Leka         ***
I will let him know of your offer and perhaps you can make direct contact by e-mail.
My e-mail is   ***
Thanks and regards

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Also, can you tell me what are the pets?

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I thought messages were private. Is there no way to contact  someone without it being posted?
So how do I get i touch with someone who has replied to an ad?

Hello, it's Mary again.
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Please let me know how the visitors can contact you.

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