Where can I exchange Euros cash into Vietnamese dong in Vietnam?

Can anyone please help me.

I will be traveling to Vietnam to live and work later this year. I will be bringing some euros in cash with me.

Is there anywhere in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to exchange euros cash into Vietnamese dong at a reasonable rate.

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks,


without any problem in each bank . don't worry

Thanks very much

Hi Sammy,

You can looking for jewellery shop sales gold rings, gold necklace, diamond...... to exchange cash , there is the rate for sure will higher than the bank,

Ben thanh market

Don't bring more than the equivalent of more than 5000 USD per person with you though, as that is the limit you can take out / bring into Vietnam. You can easily transfer money into bank account here though and there are ATM's all over the place now.Chexck with your bank to find out which banks ATMs you can use here.

You can bring your currency to any gold/jewellery store where they sale gold rings, necklace, diamond. etc...... to exchange VND, the exchange rate is often better than the bank, Be sure to ask for the exchange rate a few places to gain the knowledge of what is the acceptable exchange rate.

Thanks very much for the advice.

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