I have health insurance from the USA, which will reimburse me on some, if not most of my medical expenses, and i am now inquiring about purchasing additonal premium health insurance in Egyp

Thank you for any help you can give me....

I will be in Alex in 2011 on vacation for 4 months. I want to rigorously pursue this Visa...

All help is appreciated.  Please write me at my email address or respond at this posting.

I hope there are a few people who will be able to help and guide me through the initial process.



Best wishes for the Holiday Season to each of you!!!

u should visit to c if u like it in the first place. been there once and it wasn't that good i wouldn't live there even if they pay me to

Hi Brian, welcome on Expat-blog! :)

I hope other members will be able to help you.

ps: can you please avoid using your caps lock on the forum. Thank you very much. :)

I wish you good luck,
Merry Christmas

Thank you both for your comments.  I am still waiting for someone to respond to my quest for information on "how do, and where to go".

And to Andy, i visited, and spent 37 days in Alex. I loved it.  I would not think to leave my country for another country unless I had visited.  If you read my info carefully, you will see that I will return to Alex for 4 months in 2011.  I believe that constitutes enough time for me to know that I love Alex.  Your comments, though welcomed, did not address the basis of my request for help.

And Christine, thank you for the Christmas Wish.  I hope that someone will address my issue of Visa Requirements for Egypt.  I believe that is what I am trying to solicit.

Sincerely, Brian

Hi Brian,

Shorouk has answered you in this thread … 166#244164

Hi Brian
It is quite difficult to get a permanent visa in Egypt. A tourist visa is the easiest way. To stay here permanent you will need either to get married to an egyptian citizen (wich gives you a residenci for 5 years in the beginning, and than if you want you can apply for a passport as well if your country allows you to do that), either to have your own business. I dont know Alexandria very well, but when you pass trough Cairo check out in Mogammah building, down town (where all the foreigners get the visa) and you can have better informations about it. Or maybe a lawyer to guide you trough all this process. Anyway, i have to warn you, it will be a hassle.
Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Dear Wild,  Thank you for your response.  I am getting many different kinds of answers, and some agree and others don't agree.  I heard from a Lawyer who said that he could help me secure a 5 year Visa.  He knows I am single; he never mentioned to me that I needed to be married.  So, I am receiving conflicting communications.  I appreciate your comments. I guess I will have to talk to a Lawyer to find out what is what.

But, I have been to Egypt, and Alex.  And I have been in the office where Visas are applied for by Egyptians planning to attend Universities outside of Egypt.  There was a window we went to requesting an extension on my Visa for 7 days, and they told me I didn't need to do this.  I believe I will go back to this same office to check on 5 year permanent Visas, and also consult with this Lawyer for further information.

Have a wonderful New Year 2011.



Hi again Brian
You should consult an egyptian lawyer while you are in Egypt, also you can get some usefull information about it in American embassy in Cairo, in the section for US cityzens. So in this way you will not get confused answers.

Thank you for your kind and informative response.  I am planning to consult with an Egyptian Lawyer, and I will also check with the American Embassy in Cairo (Garden City) in 2011.  This initial planning is very crucial to begining the process of seeking a valid 5 year Visa.

I want to be certain I have all my Ducks in order.  There is no point in making any departure plans in 2012 for Egypt, if I can not live there.

My hope and my intention is that I will be able to do so.

With every good wish for a happy New Year 2011.



Please feel free to stay in contact with me.  I do have a good and close circle of Egyptian friends in Alex already.  But, it always good to extend my friendships and contacts in Egypt.

I fell in love with Alex.  I didn't want to return to the USA. I hope it all comes together for me.  I want to spend my remaining retirement years by the Mediterranean Sea, and chilling out in the many Cafes in Alex with my amazing Egyptian friends.


have a look at the Egyptian MFA website: MFA

hi brian,  have you thought about southern turkey!   its 100 times better,  you can get residence visa easy, its right on the med etc etc...  google  marmaris, bodrum,  kemer,  izmir   all perfect cities to retire :-)

Ludedude - thank you. the only thing I know about Turkey is what the bird that I eat at Thanksgiving time.  I am only interested in lving in Egypt, but thanks for the tip.  Egypt is perfect for me.  Best wishes, and have a happy New Year.


Geely, thank you for directing to that site.  This is useful info to have, and gives me greater clarification on what the requirements are.  I will pursue legal counsel when I visit Egypt, to determine if I an eligible to apply for a 3 or 5 year residence Visa.

Best wishes to you, and a happy New Year.



Yo! It's nice to finally read a sincere post which seems to have been diligently thought-through - compared to the needy-clingy retarded non-adventurous "mommy, where can I get a haircut?" requests.

And also excellent information shared by 'informed' members.

I'd feel relocating to Egypt seems a good idea given the rise of Fascism in the US, reducing liberties because of the USA Patriot Act, the repealed posse comitatus, and 'peak oil' realities ready to hit the global economy. Though - you outta be warned - just as in the US, 'they' are spraying aluminum, barium and other chemicals in the skies over Egypt too.

Anyhow, I dig your quest to 'line up the ducks' .. and will assemble your info needs (some repetition of what's already been shared) .. and add some more - based on my current understanding.

: Permanent residency is unavailable; as is Citizenship (Anybody: kindly update my understanding on this - with fact-based information .. not the vague generalized "I think' response)
: Unsure if residency processing is available in Alexandria
: Mogamma (off Tahrir Square, Downtown Cairo) is the office for residency applications (and all other foreigner visa issues) - so you will need to initially visit on Tourist visa (unsure if Egyptian embassy in the US will provide any help in processing residency applications)

: 3 ways to get a long-term 3- or 5-year residency

1. Buy Property
(Doable independently; though best done by a lawyer - unless you are adventurous; have loads of time to spare; and speak/write Arabic)

Apply at Mogamma (first floor landing - walk to end of last exit corridor); Counter # 31; also ask the English speaking officers at the reception desk; blank application forms are piled on this desk)

Documents required: Notarized property documents (the deed laminated in plastic); latest electricity bill in your name; certificate indicating you own the property (yeah - this one is A DUH! - but you still need it)

- The property needs to be registered (takes from 6 months to a year); notarized (shahr akari) with buyer and seller signing in front of the Notary public - you will need a English translator to accompany you; and finally included in another registry office (dunno the exact name - dareh e-akari?? :/ In Cairo - for property located in Heliopolis area, this is at 126 Galaa Street - this office laminates a copy of your property deed. Alexandria will have another office!!??)

From what I know so far - this type of property-linked residency is renewed annually - and not long-term. (But then again, learning never ceases!!)

2. Marry a citizen
(Mogamma: first floor landing - walk to end of last exit corridor); Counter # 15; ask the English speaking officers at the reception desk)

You will need: marriage certificate (marriage bureau at Lazhouly Square; next to Shoura Council); LE 500 deposit at post office savings account (ground floor of Mogamma - the PO account may be closed immediately after you receive your residency stamp).

(Alexandria will have another office which registers marriages). The all important certificate is available 7 days after marriage is registered.

(I vaguely remember a US member has posted a detailed note on this subject - may still be available in the archives)

There are other requirements to marry Muslim citizen - certificate of conversion to Islam (Al Azhar, takes a couple of hours); other documents depending on your citizenship. AND then there are other anti-feminist pro-patriarch 'cultural' aspects like buying her a house etc etc.

This 'spouse-linked residency' (my coinage!! - unsure of the official classification) process takes about a year .. at the back-end, your application will go through the state security routine.

If you plan on staying out of Egypt for more than 6-months after obtaining this spouse-linked residency, obtain a re-entry visa before leaving - else the year-long state security clearance process is void.

Also, you do not need to be in Egypt - during the year-long wait for the security clearance step (This refers to your "may I apply a year before I leave the US")

This residency is valid for 3 years. And renewed. Your spouse and you will need to visit the Mogamma (Counter # 15) every 3 years - where she certifies that you two are still married.

Validity goes up to 5-years after you have children.

3. Register a business
Steps to start a business in Egypt are available online. Just one note: seems the minimum paid-up capital for a foreign partner is higher - IF s/he requires a residency too (unconfirmed).

I am loosing it :rolleyes: - hope that will line up some of 'em for ya!


Oh yeah! ONE polite request: if you may kindly keep a log of all the steps as you go about this - and update this thread so we all learn. Where am I coming from? - It beats me when responsible individuals crowd-source their lives (which is great) -- and then disappear without feedback on what worked for them!!!

Geely has posted the excellent link to MFA.

Section II) Residence in Egypt for Foreign Nationals

caught my eye --

Non-national residents of homes for the elderly and disabled.

hummmm .. so, thinking aloud - one available route may be to:

- register at a low-cost old age home,
- obtain the 3-year residency, and
- live in a rented home elsewhere (you could rent a home, open bank accounts, buy health insurance, get driving license etc with this residency visa stamp)

Wonder where you may dig for requirements to register at an old age home, like:
What is the minimum age?
What are the annual fee?
Is it mandatory to live in the old age home (ie. Could you live elsewhere - and be at the home when required eg. for authority inspections, verification etc)
What are the annual cost of this (informal) 'off-site' living arrangement?

More power to ya for this bold move!

Hi "Who" :). The info which you sent to me was extremely insiteful.  I keep a check List.  I am single.  I do not have any intentions of marrying.  I am 67 yrs of age, and would prefer renting an Apt. (not buying one).  As far as the following:

1.  I have adequate income to live as comfortable in Egypt as I do in the New York area.

2.  I am checking on additional Medical Insurance, but am stil waiting for a response from the site I was sent to from here.

3.  My other concern is, what happens to me in "old age" if I am not able to care for myself.  Does Egypt provide a Nursing Home situation for the elderly?  What about Foreigners?  Is there any provision for helping us in our "old age".

I think as long as I have good health, then I could live in Egypt, but I think the more I hear and read, the more challenging it is.

I am coming for 4 months in 2011.  I will spend the brunt of my time in Alex and then visit Cairo and see a Lawyer regarding all of my concerns.  I have responded to a Lawyer here on this site, but have not yet heard back from him.

Good thing I am asking questions now.  Connecting the dots is the hardest part of this task and quest.  Everyone seems to know bits and pieces of information.  You have responded intelligently and with more detailed info.  I appreciate your candor. 

If you know a Lawyer that I could see in either Alex or Cairo who deals with Visa and Immigration status or assistance this would be extremely helpful for me.  Since I am going to be renting an Apt. in Alex, I'd prefer seeing a Lawyer in Alex. But, if I have to travel to Cairo, that is ok.  I would need a name, tel# and an email address.  And remember I do not write nor read or speak Arabic.  I need an english speaking Lawyer.

Wishing you a fantastic New Year 2011.  I'd like to know your first name, if I will refer to you as "Who".

In anticipation of a timely response from you. Thank you for taking time to write to me.  I sincerely appreciate your help.

With every good wish,

Brian J. Figueroa
email:  figueroa.brian[at] or rklnd914[at]

Finding a Lawyer would definitely be a good start. One who speaks english and who is smart enough to know how to hurdle through all the "red tape", and get me to my goal of a 5 year Visa.  Sooner now than later, if possible.

I am happy living in the USA, but I really love Alexandria, and I enjoy the culture of Egypt.


Yeah, I hear you on your views re: marriage and real estate investment. I was following an end-goal oriented line of reasoning - by focusing on your desired goal of residence in Egypt.

And then - laying out the options available.

So - you may reconsider ALL the choices, before choosing the path most congruent with your 'other' views (re: no marriage and no home purchase).

From what I see, it seems "register in an old age home + live independently" combo may be an option worth digging deeper. (Unless someone suggests additional ways to retire in Egypt!)

Yeah! you will still need more info on the quality of old age services (when you will need them in later years) and am glad you are considering the challenge of living in Egypt, post good-health. Critical!! I guess I don't need to urge you to keep this aspect in your sights.

(I wouldn't brush aside the Turkey (Marmaris, Bodrum) option with a cheeky response :cool: - I'd say, quality of health care is much higher over there.)

Sorry, can't suggest any intelligent and reliable AND TRUSTWORTHY lawyer or health insurance provider. Perhaps, a search on Medicare may bring up their contact info. Also, I have generally heard positive reviews on US consular services - may be worth pursuing - unless you want to stay out of their radar...


I feel 'Who' will be better then 'Guess Who' or 'The Who' ...

Thanks for your response.  I guess I'll have to wait until I get to Egypt.  I was trying to locate a Health Insurance Company on this site as well.  No responses. You are about the only one who has made an effort to give me some input. I will see if I can retain a Lawyer once I am in Alex.  I never thought this would be as much as a pain the butt as it is.  Even people on this site do not seem to have accurate information.  Like, even to locate a Health Insurance Company that provides me with Insurance coverage in Egypt is like lookin for a needle in a haystack.  A Lawyer wrote to me on this site, offering help, and then never bothered to get back to me when I wrote to him.

I'll just keep plugging alone.  Thank you again.



Re: non response by the lawyer and insurance company ..
I would take that as a major sign!! It's a pattern you will consistently encounter.

Clear concise actionable information is frustratingly difficult to get.

There is more energy spent on posturing - rather then substance. (More talk - No value .. you will get that idea after reading some of the meaningless comments on other threads - quite like Andy_22)

Check out Medicare on Google (or "health insurance" + egypt) .. I will try and bring you more details.

figuhrowa :

Thanks for your response.  I guess I'll have to wait until I get to Egypt.  I was trying to locate a Health Insurance Company on this site as well.  No responses. You are about the only one who has made an effort to give me some input. I will see if I can retain a Lawyer once I am in Alex.  I never thought this would be as much as a pain the butt as it is.  Even people on this site do not seem to have accurate information.  Like, even to locate a Health Insurance Company that provides me with Insurance coverage in Egypt is like lookin for a needle in a haystack.  A Lawyer wrote to me on this site, offering help, and then never bothered to get back to me when I wrote to him.

I'll just keep plugging alone.  Thank you again.



we have local insurance for sure, but it has little relationship to any normal concept from the states.

my must carry auto insurance here is about 90Le a year. what do i get for that nothing.

I know when i provided long term services to a couple of American firms they self insure at the local level, here, Thur the local office. this type of insurance is to guarantee payment is made via a pre selected hospital.

nursing home not in any normal sense or concept held state side.

Thanks for your additional comments.  None of the news sounds very encouraging.  I thought it was possible to secure hospital or medical insurance in Egypt, not through a Firm or Company that one works for.  I understand that.  I am NOT working.  I am retired.  I am simply looking for an Insurance Company in Alexandria that will provide me with medical coverage, for visiting a Doctor, for going into a pre-selected Hospital, for an emergency.  Are you saying to me there is no such Insurance available to me???  I have my own insurance which will reimburse me on some if not most of my medical expenses, but this means I have to pay money upfront to a Doctor or to the local Hospital in Alexandria.  I want to use an insurance card, so that all my medical expenses or most of my medical expenses can be paid upfront or when or if I am discharged from a Hospital.  I wonder if you can suggest or give me the name of a Medical Insurance Company in Alexandria or Cairo that will cover me anywhere or in any reputable Hospital in Egypt, essentially Alexandria?
I will NOT drive a car, so I don't need nor care about Insurance for a car, and as you so aptly stated, there is no benefit to even having car insurance.  My Egyptian friends have already made me aware of this.
Here I am, a single American male who wishes to live in Alexandria, and now I am hitting all these road blocks.  Is there any good news on the horizon???  Is there no way that I will be able to live in Alex???  This is so depressing!  Am I doomed to only visit Alex as a Tourist??  I would appreciate some tangible help, ie, the name and email address of a reputable Medical Insurance Company who I can buy medical coverage frome??? (In Egypt).  Secondly, is it possible for a single male American to live in Alexandria wihout owning property, or getting married, or having an Egyptian Relative????
Do you know??  Is there another single American male in all of Egypt who can answer these questions????  The purpose for signing up for this site was to get HELP.  I am getting alot of responses, but nothing specific.

I want to #1.  Rent an Apt. in Alex in retirement.
          #2.  I need to know who to write to for Medical coverage for Hospital visits, for Medication, for Doctor's Office visits, etc.  Does this exist?  IF so, please give me the email address or the name of a person I can contact in Alexandria to assist me.
         #3.   Can someone PLEASE tell me, if it is possible to secure a 5-year Visa, if I am single, retired and rent an Apartment???  Surely I can not be the only single American Male to live in Egypt, who is retired??  I do NOT plan to work!  My monthly income is more than sufficient to take care of my needs as far as a rental, eating, etc, etc.

Thank you for a direct response, and referring me to someone else who may know and provide me with concrete information.  This is just dragging on, and on, and on.  I need some realistic answers, if they exist.  And I need to be in touch with a Lawyer in either Alex or Cairo who can assist me with the 5-year Visa process without taking my money and doing nothing.

Thank you for your research and a more concrete response.  Someon must know something???  There have to be answers that make sense and can help me along with this process.  If not, then I am doomed to remain here in the USA, when my heart is in Egypt.  Only Egypt!!

Thanks for all your help.  I hope there are other expats who are familiar with my concern and will begin to give me names and email addresses of people who can assist me along the road to living in Alexandria.

My patience is extensive...I guess it will have to be.  Help me, if you can.  Provide me with names, email addresses, phone #'s of people who can logically guide me through this process.



maybe Allianz has health insurance

Thank you, Geely.  I have sent them a message of inquiry.  I hope I hear back from them with some positive news.  I figured someone on this site must know or be awared of who to contact for health insurance, especially for a retired person.

I hope I will receive further information on the 5 year Visa as well.  Or a reputable Lawyer who deals eith Visa requirements for non-egyptian citizens, like me...:).

Thank you for responding.



Hi Brian,

I started to read the posts on this topic and i'm afraid i got a bit tired part way through as there's so many of them, you're popular! Si apologies if i'm repeating anything here.

I have just left Egypt, i was living in Sharm El Sheikh for six years and worked for a british travel company.Even though i was working in Egypt i didn't have a work permit. To get a work permit i needed to be sponsored by our Egyptian agent and due to tax reasons they were unwilling to help.

So throughout my six years i stayed on a tourist residency visa.
Tourist residency visas are very easy to get. You need to go to the visa office, i'm sorry i don't know where that is in Alex, i had to go to El Tur in Sinai. You fill out a form, need to give them two copies of your passport and 3/4 passport sized photos. The visa cost 60le approx, and lasts for one year. There is no limit to the number of times you renew your visa. I have friends also living in sharm who have been there 15 years on tourist residency visas.

One thing to consider is that if you leave Egypt at any time during the validity of the visa it is void. So it is worth also applying for a multi-entry visa. This costs a few LE, around 30le i think although i have forgotten. The multi-entry visa allows you to come and go in and out of Egypt as many times as you want during your one year tourist residency visa. Simple!

In El Tour the residency visas are old fashioned ink stamps, in the Cairo visa office they are new printed sticky labels. not sure what you'll get in Alex. The paperwork is all in English, and it basically wants your name, address, purpose of visit and religion. Nothing to probing or difficult. Once you have handed the complete form to the clerk it will sit in a pile of similar forms for a few hours whilst the clerks smoke and drink tea. Then towards the close of business all the visas will be issued and your passport will be handed back. That's my experience in El Tur anyway. I used to use this time as an opportunity to go shopping in the town and have lunch as El Tur is very cheap compared to Sharm!

Anyways i hope my experiences help a little bit. You don't really need a lawyer to help with that process but of course if you don't know where the visa office is it may be easier for you to hire one.

Oh by the way, i used to have medical insurance with Goodhealth who are now called Aetna. I never needed to use it thank goodness. The hospitals in Egypt will automatically charge 20x the usual cost of treatment because you are a foreigner, i had to deal with tourists on a daily basis who were ripped off by pharmacies/doctors. Luckily knowing the cost of medication myself i never got ripped off, and because the things i paid for were so cheap i never needed to claim on my insurance. EG Antinal (the stomach disinfectant tablet that cures all tummy bugs) is 20le for a big pack. Tourists were often charged 200le. If you do go to a pharmacy look at the end of the box, the government price should be printed there in PT (piastres)and its usually 10x cheaper than the pharmacist tells you.

If you need any more info let me know. It was my job for six years to tell people this type of info! I only finished work this year as i had a baby and now i'm in Moldova being a yummy mummy ;-)

Dear Hannah-Banana, first of all, thank you for this information; it makes sense..Secondly, Moldova?  I visited for 9 days in Kishinau; had a close friend and mother who lived there. I head to Buda-pest from there.

I will follow your intructions. Of all the messages I have received this one really says it all.  I appreciate the time you took in explaining this to me in logical and sequential order.

It is the first really good news I have received.  I think this is perhaps the route I should go.  I think trying to secure a 5 year Visa may be one big least this is what I think.

I will let you least I will let you know upon my return from Alexandria next year.  I will leave for Egypt on August 31st 2011, arrive in Cairo on Sept.1 and have someone meet me and transport me to Alex.  I will stay approximately 4 months and 5 days.

I think this should give me more than adequate time to apply for the 1 year Visa with multiple entries, just in case I decide to leave and return again.  Then I will plan to return in 2012 sometme in the Spring and take up more permanent residency in Alexandria.

As far as the insurance, I realized this might be a problem; I do require medication because I am a Diabetic, using insulin, and also high blood pressure medication as well as other pills to deal with my Diabetes.

I think the challenge will be to find a few competent Doctors at a reliable Hospital who can continue to address and deal with my ongoing health issues while living in Alex.

This is the only other major concern I have.  My own personal insurance will cover most of my medical expenses up to 80%, but Medicare, which our Government supplies in addition to my own private health insurance is not valid out of the Country.

So, I will need to secure additional insurance I suspect.  I will have to figure out how I go about not getting ripped off on paying outrageous amounts of money for prescription medication and Doctors Office visits.

I have to have my eys examines by an Ophthamologist, my feet checked by a Podiatrist, and I still need to see an Endocrinologist for my Diabetes.  Plus I would need a General Practioner  for a regular yearly check up to see how my general health is.  We are so well provided for here in the USA, that I would be somewhat leary about not having a good networking of competent Doctors in Egypt.

So, I would want to purchase health insurance to cover some of my expenses, if this exits, and then forward the remaining part of my medical bills to my insurance company back here in the USA.
I think this will be the serious of the two problems I face.

Reimbursement on medication, and Doctors visits, plus any unexpected visit to a Hospital.  And I will have to verify with my Egyptian friends that it is a reliable Hospital.

You have been extremely helpful and covered the majority of my concerns with such

I should hire you!!!! lol

Thank you very much...i don't know if there are any other words to convey to you my relief and appreciation.  I will let you know what happens on all counts.

With every good wish for good health and good health to your child or children.

Look forward to hearing from you again.  Oh, by the way, I retired from working for The Salvation Army after 38 yrs and 25 days.  It was a wonderful experience.

I love Alexandria...I love Egypt...I love the people especially.



Hi Brian,

You're very welcome! Any other advice you need please let me know. I still have many friends working in the tourism/hotel industry throughout Egypt so i can always ask around if i don't know the answer to anything.

Regarding hospitals, Cairo is the place to look. My old boss actually had an issue with her eye and visited one of the top optometrists in cairo so i can get those details for you. Other than that i'm afraid i only know of plastic surgeons as many friends have had procedures done there. 

One good research tool is the website. The forum is packed with info and you can post questions on there too. Many of the regular users have been resident in Egypt for years, (and they are not all women)so i am sure they will help you. I've used it in the past for animal adoptions/sale of goods/apartment searches

And despite living in Sharm for six years i never actually made it to Alex. I had a million invites but i used to work six days a week, and my vacations were spent visiting family in the UK and Turkey so i never had time to get up there. Maybe one day i'll have the chance. At the moment i'm in Moldova (only been here a week!) as my hubby has just got a job running a hotel. Its a bit of a change from the heat of Egypt but so far i like it. If you ever return for a holiday let me know!

were you able to figure it out? did you make the move to egypt?   i am looking to stay i have lived here back in 2004 for 1 year but i want o make this a permanent move with my children .  i am already married to a non Egyptian so that is not an option and not ready to buy my own flat at this time but will do so in the future  .  what can i do for now?

@Lisaan7878. This post is over 3 yrs old so you may not get a reply. Perhaps start a new post.

will do! just thought id check and see if the original poster accomplished  his goal :)

either come with pots and pots of money.
or get a job.

Also because if you have children of school age - the school needs to see your visa when you enrol them.
also schools very expensive here is you want a reasonable quality of education.

Pls send more information. Do you have schools that teach Fusha (arabic) and Qur'an in the area. I am looking for an Arabic language school for me, my wife and six children. If these are available and resident visa is easy in Turkey. Pls give me the address and any extra information that will be helpful.

Did you retire?? Are you in Egypt now?


You have posted on an old (2014) inactive thread so may not get a reply.

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