Will the UK remain one of the most attractive country for expats?

Everything is in the headline :-)

the UK is the most attractive country for young French people, as well as for many other nationalities. London, among other cities in the UK, offers a good and dynamic environment in terms of business, culture, sports, outings...

But would a Brexit threaten this position? Would the soon-to-be expats be influenced at the time of selecting their host country?

As we cannot predict what agreement will be signed between the EU and the UK, I am just asking for your first reaction.

I truly believe the whole thing is being blown out of proportion. In my travels from Suffolk, East Anglia, Yorkshire all the way to Wales, the thing I heard most was how the EU had taken so many jobs from average folks. Entire fishing towns/villages on redundancy now and the infrastructure for fishing now being dismantled leaves an opening for new building and fishing opportunities, no small thing, not to mention the steel industry. That being said, I feel Brexit will not stop anyone from moving to UK/Wales that has the proper reason and paperwork to do so.

The most attractive thing at the moment is the devaluation of the British pound. Our monies will go further. I don't see this as staying around for very long though. Just part of big bankings workings.

Thank you for sharing, Angelazz. The French newspaper "Le Monde" wrote an interesting article about one journalist who walked through the UK provinces and reported that the EU was hold responsible for the loss of jobs there (Exactly what you are talking about).

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