Will the UK remain one of the most attractive country for expats?

Everything is in the headline :-)

the UK is the most attractive country for young French people, as well as for many other nationalities. London, among other cities in the UK, offers a good and dynamic environment in terms of business, culture, sports, outings...

But would a Brexit threaten this position? Would the soon-to-be expats be influenced at the time of selecting their host country?

As we cannot predict what agreement will be signed between the EU and the UK, I am just asking for your first reaction.

Well under the Vienna convention 1962, expat rights are protected.

Assuming the more extreme right wing racist bunch don't get much of a say, I see a whole new group of expats from outside the EU grabbing opportunities to move to the UK.

India has historical ties and a massive economy, so there's a very likely start to a whole new breed of expats.
Apart from physical trade, I see tech as a very likely area for the UK to concentrate on.
Germany has already made moves to attract UK citizens in that field, so the UK needs to get in fast in order to make sure they're first.

Financial markets have been moving from the UK to Europe over the last 40 years, but that can be reversed with the right determination.

Now for the killer. The UK should reject the Petrodollar as it's main international trading currency, replacing it with BRICS.
Using the petrodollar increases costs and leaves international transactions subject to US law and control, so dumping the idea for all non US deals would seem logical.

China is now the world's most powerful trading nation, so logic suggests considering moving East rather than the old ways of looking local and west.

The developing nations are also potentially good trading partners, meaning people from those countries could also become expats, and in reverse of course.

I've already been approached by one company in the education field, newly looking at bilateral trade with the UK.

Business is starting to see openings, and you can bet your boots they'll go for them, and that means room for expats to move around the world.

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I thought many who voted for Brexit, was because of NON-EU migrants in the country. So I doubt they would be happy to see even more Indians here. Wasn't all the talk about 'controlling our borders', in other words meant keeping the non-whites out...

The hell with racism.
I have no care about skin colour, just if that person is any good to the country they wish to move to.

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