Istanbul: 36 dead and 150 injured in bomb attack

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On Tuesday, June 28, Ataturk Airport in Istanbul was targeted by a new bomb attack preceded by gunshots. 36 people were killed and 150 injured, some of whom are deemed to be critical.

According to international media, three suicide bombers blew themselves up at the departures level. One of them is reported to have fired at travelers with a Kalashnikov, causing panic in the whole airport till the parking area.

Emergency and mine-clearing teams rapidly reached the spot. All flights have been suspended at Ataturk Airport until further notice. Flights which were supposed to land in Istanbul were redirected to other airports.

Inquiry has been started by Turkish authorities to determine the origin of this attack which has not yet been claimed. However, local authorities suspect Daech.

Foreign nationals who are on the spot or planning to travel to there are advised to avoid the airport area and inform their families if necessary.

This was written o 29 June and did not reach my email until Monday 11 July.  It was already misleading the day it was written and should have been checked for accuracy before posting. 

Not all flights were cancelled in or out of Istanbul on the day of the attack.  I was following on that day and many flights in and out of Istanbul proceeded as scheduled.  The attack did not penetrate very far beyond the entrance gates.  Within a day the area was cleaned up and flights proceeded as scheduled. 

Do you think that the people of the world stop visiting Paris, or Brussels, or Florida because of the attacks there?  So why should people stop coming to Turkey?    The whole world is at risk of attack.  But statistically you are more likely to be killed in an auto accident than in a terror attack. 

If we stop engaging in normal activities as planned than terror has won.

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In fact, the above information has been echoed in the local media.

As regards the security warnings, these have been issued by foreign authorities regarding Turkey.

Thanks for your understanding.


From 5.20 am on the morning of 29 June news started to appear that flights had resumed in and out of Istanbul airport.  Turkish Prime Minister, Binali Yildirim, told reporters that the airport had been opened for incoming and outgoing flights as of 02.20 a.m. Wednesday (0020 GMT).  Three scheduled flights of Turkish Airlines, the country’s flagship carrier, landed after 04.00 a.m. 

More than 7200 media outlets worldwide covered the story of Istanbul Airport flights resuming early on 29 July 2016.  You may have found a few sources that said otherwise, but were they credible sources?

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