Looking to find best district in Beijing to live in.

I am just looking to meet cool friendly expats when i arrive in Beijing in a couple of months. Also, I'm looking for the best place to live that meets my accommodations. I will  be teaching there the start of the next semester.

I suggest you to talk with your employeer about your suitable living place. My advice for you is to live as close as possible to your work place.  For me the best areas to live are Chao Yang (More international, commercial, residential and Central Business District) and Shun Yi (more residential, close to the airport)  districts. Remember this, Beijing's size, its area,  is similar to the whole country of  Belgium. Wishing you my best, Dr. Douglas.

Thanks Douglas!

I'm moving out of a nice apartment in Chaoyang in the first of September only 4800 rmb month and I don't have to have roommates.  My work is moving me to shunyi

Wow that's great ! That's the district that my school is in actually. The rent is very affordable for me if most places are under 1000 usd. I should be coming out to China in 3-5 weeks.

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