Which bank is the best one to open an Euro/Thai Baht account?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if you could help me out with the following.

My future employer gave me the option to choose being paid in Euro or in Thai Baht.

Which made me wonder if i should:
1. open a Euro Account in Thailand ?
2. let my employer make the deposit on my overseas account?

What do you think is best?

Thank you for you help!


Everyone has their preference but I like Bangkok Bank.  Been using them for 13+ years with no problems.

I would also look at the tax implications of all options available for receiving your salary.

Thank you! I will look in to that :)

Every bank has its pros and cons. I use Krungsri and Kasikorn.

You should also check, which bank is the best to reach. Perhaps you have a bank nearby, but it is only a minor branch which don't offers all services.

You can only execute and manage your bank account at the branch you opened your account. Not all banking services can be done by e-banking.

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