Rio Negro-Antioquia. Medical facilities?

Hi guys,

Could you please talk to me about the medical facilities in Rio Negro-Antioquia?
Are there Drs that speak English?
Do they have all what is necessary to treat serious conditions or emergencies (heart attack, trauma, etc)

A new hospital just outside Rionegro opened recently.  My wife informs me that it has a good cardilogist facility.  Don't know about being able to speak English for all doctors. 

I just recently started using the medical services for cardio in Rionegro and I was pleased with the testing performed.

Hey I live in the San Antonio section of Rionegro. Great med facilities here. Some dr speak English not most. But I know a Colombian college student here that can and will go with you translate everything for a super reasonable price. She's done everything for me including getting my visa Medellin , cedula and insurance. Gratuities accepted (her not me) and I always tip her. If you want I'll have her send you her card.

Cool! Thanks!

I do not need translations. I'm fluent in Spanish but not my hubby.
We are in Ecuador now, we know some Drs who speak English; is good to have someone handy if a emergency comes up and the only one able to speak is my husband.

Gm you're welcome y take care.

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