What to do for a residency permit?


My boyfriend and i recently moved to Romania. We are both from the Netherlands.
We need to get a permit of living here in Romania, but all the (different) information is making it very vague for me.
We are living in Hunedoara county.
We are not (yet) planning on working here.

Is there anybody who could help us by telling what exactly we should do and when and where? Or tell me where I can find it?

Hello Iris,

As you're EU citizens you don't need a 'permit' to live here. Similarly, you don't need work permits either, you can apply for jobs under the same conditions as Romanian citizens.

Firstly, assuming your going to be living here full time, at some point within the first three months you must register with the local authorities. You need to go to the Autoritatea Pentru Straini in Deva. Here's the address:

str. Mihai Eminescu 130, Deva, 330176, jud. Hunedoara
0254-206.722; Fax: 0254-234.860

It'd be worthwhile calling them in advance to find out their opening times.

From them, you should acquire a 'certificat de inregistrare' (a registration certificate).

In order to obtain it, you'll need to take something showing where you're living (rental contract or house purchase contract), your ID/passport, a 'timbru fiscal' from the post office (2 RON), photographs (although some offices have digital cameras so maybe not necessary - check with them), something proving you have medical insurance (either from the Nederlands, or private insurance - as you're not working and don't have automatic cover), and the fee for the process (the same as for a Romanian ID card).

Finally, as you aren't working, you need to prove that you have enough money to support yourself. For you, this will probably means opening a bank account and depositing the money in it, then getting an 'extras de cont' (bank statement). The amount you need to show you have is 135.50 RON (about 30 Euro).

Once you have given them all the documents (make copies of everything) and filled out the form, you should get your 'certificat de inregistrare' within a couple of days max. This certificate is valid for 5 years and also gives you something called a 'CNP' (cod numeric personal). This is something like your national insurance number and allows you to be registered for tax purposes and will be useful for when (if) you decide to look for work. It also makes buying land/properties easier.

Good luck!


At this link you will find the official information you are looking for: … identei/63

Best wishes,

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