Moving to Canada

Hey Folks,
I have a good intention to find my answers via this forum which has been a very informative and interactive portal. I hope to see my questions completely addressed to help me make a better choice with the help of local and immigrants/expats including the Canadian Indians :)

Ever since I wanted to move out to Canada, I have been in varied opinions whether I could move or not for several reasons which majorly include education and climate.

My questions are around below pointers based on which I could make a better judgement

1. Education - I hold a 10+3 (3Yr Diploma in Electronics and Comm Engg)
2. Processing Times (Canada has highest processing times of 18months or more may be?)
3. Best process method/Visa type - Which is the best and works better (PR? Work? Study? etc., what?)
4. Living and working in Canada (I am told IT is good and opportunities are fairly numerous, I have experience in Telecom/Network and project management)
5. Cost of living - What is the cost of living for an average working individual (what's the average pay you are talking about?)

I am currently in India and see the climate in Canada can be tough coz 8 months you are almost in the home? I have seen a couple videos too indicating the same

Thank you!

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