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I am looking for some advice regarding Jobs in Malta, I was wondering if anyone knew the system for applying for jobs, CV format? Contact them directly? Can I apply form Ireland or should I have already moved (taking into consideration that USA and most parts of Europe deal with Skype?

Any information would be greatly appreciated ?

Hi BigPhil1

It will depend on the type of job, but you'll find that most people on here will say that you need to be in the country.

Recruitment agents might take your cv but lots of people have commented that you don't get the same level of service until you move out there.

There will be some exceptions. I probably could have got the job I'm moving to without even going out there. I did initial interviews via Skype and phone, then flew out to meet them, then followed up again by Skype. But I'm going to work for a large international company in a specialist area so I don't think that is the norm.

If you search on this forum you will see links to various recruitment companies you could contact.

As for the process, some jobs are advertised online (just google Malta jobs), some are on the government job page and others I've heard you only find out about if you are in the country and know the right people! Certain professions seem to be unobtainable without speaking Maltese.

If you let us know what industry you are looking at, people might have more specific advice to give you.

Good luck!

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@ BigPhil1,

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I suggest you also read the Work in Malta and the following thread :

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Hi Felinefine81 & Bhavna

Thank you for your advice, I have already been contacted by Richard Geres personal training as that is where part of my experience is, I also have several years experience in sales and account management.

Now I have been contacted by Richard as the position is looking to start from August 16 so I still have time to get out there however as I have other areas of experience I thought I'd seek advice.

I have taken the links that you have suggested and will follow up on those.

Thank you both for making me welcome  ;)

Jobs with expected mass applications mostly requires Europass CV form, so the selection/comparison can be done faster and easier ... but who really wants to apply for such a job  ;)
If a company asks for Europass CV form to apply for job requiring higher skills only shows, that this company follows a quite outdated HR policy ... and so will be the working environment - not the best employer, however, good for a start since it's easy to guess, how they'll select  :cool: .
Especially when it comes to sales and marketing every trendy company should appreciate a creative CV form that is different (in a positive way) to other canditates. This is the first glimpse what they can expect from the applicant.

One advice that is always good: easy to read, clear structure, only main details ... less is more. focus on requirements. further details can be handed in later, second round, job interview. Do NOT send too long CVs with too many attachments, certificates, recommendation letters etc., that's annoying for first / fast selection ...

If you do not have a really good professional picture of you, omit it.

If a motivational letter is requested, create one. Focus on requirements. Not too long and short sentences. A motivational letter says more about a candidate's qualification than the best CV or certificates.

What about starting or running your own business in Malta?

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