Preparation for entrance exam. SAT / GAT Exam

Dear members

I really need help as i dont want to send my daughter out of Bahrain away from me. She completed her high school diploma in biology chemistry.

now we have only one option to apply to university of bahrain (as RCSI is very expensive) in health science ( Clinical Laboratory research). Now she already conducted interview but she want to prepare for written exam but we are not finding any help. Its SAT exam or GAT exam.

If anyone knows from where she can prepare for this test. Anyone knows about its written exam preparation? It will be great help. Is adminission criteria is really tough?

Waiting for response.



May be you should post your query on Mums in Bahrain Facebook page for a better response on this topic.


It may sound silly, but if she has a NintendoDS there's a game called My SAT Coach that my friend used to brush up on the basics while he was studying for his GRE. Every little bit helps.

Hello there! May be i can help you out with the preparations...

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