Bird Breeders in San Jose, Costa Rica

Buenas tardes everyone! I used to hand rear baby birds (indian ringnecks, cockatiels, etc) in South Africa. Does anyone know of someone who sells baby birds? Close to san jose preferably....

The last thing this country needs is another bird breeder! 

My daughter owns and operates a licensed parrot rescue center here in Costa Rica.  When space allows, she takes in the many, many abused birds that the government, MINAET brings her.  Most of these birds come in with severe mental issues, plucking problems, etc. These disabilities arise from being kept in very tiny cages and from being fed horrible diets of sunflower seeds, rice, etc.  There are more birds in need of rescue than the sanctuaries around the country can handle.  Almost all rescue centers are at capacity.

Birds are meant to fly free and not to be caged.  Please, do not add to the problem by purchasing baby birds.

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