England to Exit EUro 2016

Manager expected to resign...... :(

Deja vu ?

Embarrassed by my country twice in less than a week!!
Overpaid underperforming twats

I suppose we could refuse to accept the result, I mean Iceland is quite a long way off mainland Europe.
AND not a member state.....
So England should proceed by default to the next stage.  :D

My Facebook news feed is about 75% England banter tonight (25% cat videos as usual haha). Always fun when half my family is English and the rest Scottish!

Shame for the players, but good to see the commentators taken down a peg. Heard one of them say the other day 'when England make the quarter finals...' then later mention that England were 'fully expected to make the quarters'. So annoying!

Fortunately I'm not a football fan so  the result doesn't bother me too much.
I've come to expect under achievement.  :D
Remind me, how did Scotland do?   :D  :D

Scotland did utter rubbish as usual!

I'm not a massive football fan, just national games. Mostly I get annoyed at the players for the dramatics and the awful injuries they seem to suffer after every tiny bump (but only when the ref is looking)!   

Much prefer rugby, when blood and gaping wounds won't keep them from playing on!

Rugby is just brutality and people who like it have no respect of for the serious possibility of serious damage the rugby players are doing to themselves in later is a not a sport....but thuggery and in many cases encouraged by people who enjoy watching violent activities for their personal 'enjoyment'......think again!

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