Moving to the Dominican Republic - few questions: housing, etc

Hi all! I'm new to the forum.

A little bit of background before I ask my questions:

My family has been doing aid work in the Dominican for many years. My father actually passed away in an accident in the Dominican just this past September. I've spent my whole life coming to the Dominican - as a child, I would spend my summer in Sosua. So I have deep ties in this beautiful country.

I am planning a move in August (will not stay permanently in Aug, just to get adjusted and return likely in October) - will not need to work there, as I am self employed as a consultant, and can work from anywhere. I also have a child, if that helps.

I have friends in Sosua and also in Puerto Plata. I'm wondering about your recommendations for where to find a place to live - Sosua Abajo has always been like "home" for me. However, I've also always been there with family members. However, I would want to be safe and close to everything (beach, grocery, etc). I am not concerned about noise. Puerto Plata is also a city I'm fairly familiar with, and feel very comfortable there. Also any tips you have on making connections with trustworthy people like security/cleaning staff/a driver (the driver being most important, as I'm not confident to drive in the DR, and not going to risk my life with a motoconcho haha)

Finally - if anyone has any leads on houses for rent in Sosua/Sosua Abajo or in Puerto Plata.... I'm looking for a 2 bedroom house with a pool, ideally (I love to swim!) - close to the beach, etc. and ideally (this may be unrealistic), I'd be looking for somewhere where the rent included utilities, just to make things simpler.

Thank you so much in advance for all of your advice!

Welcome to the forums!  I am sure you can get a lot of help here!

Rentals - will rarely include utilities unless it is tourist accommodations.  You will need to arrange everything. Depending where you end up several of us can suggest good drivers. 

2 bedroom with a pool is doable - will you be buying furnishings???

I will private message you.

Excellent - thank you so much! Appreciate it, Planner.

i am so excited by this move but everyone is only speaking of the DR being such a poor country when you leave the resorts.

anotherchance; Not everybody is poor in the dr.  There are lots of poor people, but that doesn't even affect you are not poor.

There are lots of poor people,  but that does not mean everyone!

Thanks thecolonel,

It's amazing that when i decided to make this move that is all I heard in most conversations.

Interesting.  Depending where you plan to live it will or will not really effect you.

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