Loan balance not cleared and exit

I have a bank loan from saudi arabia and and went to home contry on emergency and my visa expired and i loose the job also and company paying my loan instalments and iam getting e mail msgs about thetransaction of my loan installments...but if iwant go again on saudi arabia on new visa i have a fear about imigration in saudi arabia how i should no the clearence..could any bidy help me in this how i can chek about my status my iqama also expired and my previous company not recognising me when i call them r email them..if i want to go gain saudi how i can check my status about imagratiin now loan installment period about 36 months finished from the any msg s r not comming on my email..about loan amount transactions please help me i wnat to go umra and hujj how i can check before i go to the saudi airport

As you have stopped receiving the messages from your bank, probably you have been blacklisted for life time. This is what has happened to one of my friends.

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